Hotel Del Luna1

Hotel Del Luna

The Hotel Del Luna, located in Seoul, is not like any other hotel: its clients are all ghosts. Jang Man-wol, stuck in the hotel for the past millennium, meets G... show more

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Kill Me, Heal Me2

Kill Me, Heal Me

Cha Do Hyun is a rich heir to a family company with one major problem. Due to suppressed childhood trauma, he suffers from dissociative identity disorder manife... show more
Hyde, Jekyll, Me3

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Koo Seo Jin reaches an all-time low when he uses his power as a theme park director to decommission Wonderland's popular circus. Refusing to give into the deman... show more
It's Okay, That's Love4

It's Okay, That's Love

Successful novelist and radio DJ Jae-yeol and psychiatrist Hae-soo are constantly at odds, but that changes when they start living in the same house.
Good Doctor5

Good Doctor

A man, who is an autistic savant, aspires to become a paediatrician. He overcomes societal discrimination and uses his exceptional abilities to achieve his drea... show more
Black Knight6

Black Knight

A successful executive determined to do whatever it takes to protect the woman he loves, meets a travel agent, who may be linked to his past.