Wild Angel1

Wild Angel

An orphan who's working in a Mansion, falls in love with the owners' son.
Yo soy Betty, la fea2

Yo soy Betty, la fea

Yo soy Betty, la fea is a telenovela filmed in Colombia, written by Fernando Gaitán and produced from October 25, 1999 to May 8, 2001 by the Colombian network R... show more

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Esmeralda is a telenovela that was released by Televisa in 1997. It is a remake of a 1970 Venezuelan telenovela of that same name, and was itself remade in Braz... show more
Hidden Passion4

Hidden Passion

The Reyes-Elizondo's idyllic lives are shattered by a murder charge against Eric and León.

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La Usurpadora is a Mexican romantic drama telenovela produced by Salvador Mejia Alejandre and originally broadcast on Canal de las Estrellas from February 9 to ... show more
Escrava Isaura6

Escrava Isaura

Escrava Isaura is a 1976 Brazilian telenovela it tells the story of the struggles of Isaura, a white-skinned black slave, to find happiness during the Brazilia... show more
María la del Barrio7

María la del Barrio

A brave, poor young girl is welcomed into a rich family and develops a romance with their misogynist youngest son, driving a woman already in love with him to g... show more