Dragon Ball Absalon


Dragon Ball Absalon

Episodes: 15

1. Episode 1: No Way Out: Part 1

Taking place multiple years after the end of GT, our heroes have settled down and lived life peacefully on Earth. Many events occured, such as Majuub and Pan becoming engaged and having children, Vegeta leaving Earth to train and search for more power, and Gohan discovering many new techniques. Whilst everything goes well, this peace is interrupted by a new threat. Approaching the Earth are three Saiyan pods, soon after, Dende contacts all of the Z-Fighters and warns them about the upcoming threat. Majuub, Goten , Trunks and Gohan all feel this threat, and head towards the trio. After landing on Earth, the trio of villians look over the Earth, the leader known as Cyborg asking his henchmen Razzle and Sizzle to complete their objectives

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