Wagle Ki Duniya


वागले की दुनिया

Episodes: 625

1. New Generation Same Happiness

Rajesh calls his parents to tell them that I have fixed the time to move into their new flat in Borivali. Later, Rajesh visits the grocery shop but cannot choose the right coconut. So he calls his mother and Vandana to help him. Soon, everyone enters the new flat, and Rajesh's parents get teary-eyed to see that everything reminds them of their good old times.


Chinmayee Salvi

Sakhi Wagle

Sheehan Kapahi

Atharva Wagle

Deepak Pareek

Dakshesh Joshipura

Sumeet Raghvan

Rajesh Wagle

Pariva Pranati

Vandana Wagle

Aanjjan Srivastav

Srinivas Wagle

Bharati Achrekar

Radhika Wagle

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