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Taxi Driver



Episodes: 16

1. The Missing Son

Despite the disbandment of Rainbow Taxi, Do Ki is still out there going after bad guys. While keeping it from the rest of the members, Do Ki and Sung Chul secretly help out a father who is searching for his missing son. To confirm his whereabouts, Do Ki sets off abroad to a foreign country to accomplish his first mission.


Lee Je-hoon

Kim Do-ki

Kim Eui-sung

Jang Sung-cheol

Pyo Ye-jin

Ahn Go-eun

Jang Hyuk-jin

Choi Kyung-goo

Bae Yoo-ram

Park Jin-eon

Yoo Seung-mok

Jo Jin-woo


Kang Ha-na

Shin Jae-ha

On Ha-joon

Cha Ji-yeon

Baek Sung-mi (Godmother)

Lee Min-jae

Oh Hak-soo

Lee Yoo-jun

Wang Min-ho

Hong Sang-pyo

Cho Jin-cheol

Lee Ho-chul

Goo Seok-tae

Joe In

Gang Maria

Yu Yeon-Su

Lee So-eun

Seo Eun-seo


Lee Seung-yeon

Choi Eun-joo (Kim Do-ki's Mother)

Jo Hyun-wu

Jo Do-cheol

Lee Young-ae

Taxi Driver Game Machine (voice)
Taxi Driver ATM (voice)
Taxi Driver Payphone (voice)
Taxi Driver DVD Video (voice)
Taxi Driver Memory Photo Booth (voice)
Taxi Driver Karaoke Machine (voice)

Heo Jung-do

Park Dong-pil

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