Episodes: 26

1. Gun Dance -dance-

After losing all his comrades, a young Galza fighter Pete attempts to evade Royalist cordons and get to safety. His chances are rather slim, but a strange young woman who appears out of nowhere, single-handedly deals with his pursuers, but still refuses to tell him her name may change the situation a bit...

2. Crimson Moon -crimson-

Margaret Burton's life goes as usual, that is, with no changes in sight, until the day when her former tutor Vanessa Rene's present makes one of her seemingly forever lost memories come back.

3. Blue Moon -moon-

Madlax is assigned to assassinate the Royalist Commander-in-Chief, Guen McNichol, but there is something bothering her: the customer in this case is Commander McNichol himself.

4. Temptation -ask-

Margaret's classmate Anna Moré kills her own father and then walks out of a third floor window. Police investigator Maclay Marini is convinced that there is a reason behind this murder and is ready to give everything to find the truth.

5. Non-Existent -none-

A boy from Nafrece, Chris Krana, secretly travels to Gazth-Sonika in hope to meet his father, of whom he only knew from his late mother's words. And, since Chris' father is thought to be Min Durk, the leader of Galza, Madlax is hired as his bodyguard.

6. Will -leave-

A classmate invites Margaret to a soirée, but her omniscient maidservant Elenore soon finds out that some suspicious individuals are on the guest list, too...

7. Picture Book -nature-

At Vanessa's suggestion, Margaret hires Eric Gillain, a bibliodetective, whose job is to search for rare manuscripts, to find another copy of her "picture book". Soon enough, it becomes apparent to him, that a trip to Gazth-Sonika is necessary.

8. Soul Word -soul-

Enfant showed interest in Gillain's investigation, and although Madlax was successful in saving his life once, the journey into the combat zone, where the people who allegedly know something about the Book live, still lies before them.

9. Remaining Scent -scent-

Luciano, a friend and colleague of Madlax, decides to leave Gazth-Sonika and his business for good, but before that, he has to complete one last assignment in Nafrece...

10. Erosion -dive-

Shocked by an unintentionally overheard conversation, Vanessa desperately seeks for any proof of Bookwald Industries' involvement in the Gazth-Sonikan war. Since the official data appears impeccable, she asks a familiar hacker Badgis for help.

11. Foreign Country -object-

Before canceling the connection, Badgis managed to save the retrieved data on a random terminal, which "happens" to be belonging to a Gazth-Sonikan teenager. Eager to see the data, Vanessa immediately travels there.

12. Lost Will -close-

Saved in the last second by Madlax, Vanessa nevertheless intends to go public with the data she discovered, and although Madlax finds such recklessness dangerous, she somehow fails to have it her way.

13. Awakening Sound -awake-

In Nafrece, Margaret meets Carrossea Doon, who may know something about her Book. In Gazth-Sonika, Vanessa is desperate to find the encryption key to unlock the data, but a sudden call from SSS disrupts her plans.

14. Forgotten Memory -memory-

After walking into Enfant's trap, Madlax is unscathed physically but appears to have lost her memories again. Meanwhile, in Nafrece, Margaret's Book draws to itself new unknown forces...

15. False Dispute - camouflage -

Vanessa and Limelda Jorg's actions brought Madlax's memories back, however, she is still troubled by what she briefly saw when she triggered the "trap".

16. Gun Rhyme -moment-

Madlax and SSS find a publisher who is ready to release the data that Vanessa found on Bookwald's involvement with Gazth-Sonika, but apparently, they both underestimate Enfant's power...

17. Instant Death -reunion-

Vanessa and Madlax manage to escape, but Enfant soon frames them for murdering a member of the royal family, forcing them to hide in the combat zone. Margaret, who has seen it in the news, immediately travels to Gazth-Sonika, accompanied by Elenore and Carrossea Doon.

18. Double Separation -duo-

All pieces are in motion: Limelda desperately tries to cope with the truth about her whole life, Madlax searches for the truth behind her past, Margaret is ready to deal with Enfant if they help her to find Vanessa, and Vanessa herself hurriedly learns to shoot.

19. Target Book -holy-

Fighting their way through all cordons and front lines, Madlax and Margaret strive to meet the only person who can share with them the knowledge about Margaret's Holy Book and their own destinies. Meanwhile, Carrossea makes an unexpected move, too.

20. True Fight -wish-

Against all customs and traditions, Madlax is granted the right to unveil a small part of her past. But will she be able to cope with it? And is it really the entire truth?


Satsuki Yukino

Toshiyuki Morikawa

Houko Kuwashima

Sanae Kobayashi

Masashi Ebara

Aya Hisakawa

Tomoko Kaneda

Miyu Irino

Ai Uchikawa

Kotono Mitsuishi

Questions and answers

Where can I watch Madlax?
Unfortunately Madlax is not availabe to watch on any of the most popular streaming services in the US. If you have any information about the availibility, please let us know!
Is Madlax available on Netflix?
Is Madlax on Netflix? No, this show is not available on Netflix in the US.
What is the plot of Madlax?
In the country of Gazth-Sonika, civil war rages. There, a mercenary called Madlax plies her trade, with almost supernatural skill. In the seemingly peaceful country of Nafrece, Margaret Burton lives a tranquil life. As separate as their lives may seem, the two are connected by ties of mystery, and by a holy book that is also sought by the shadowy organisation, Enfant. As Margaret and Madlax follow the path of their destiny, they come ever closer to uncovering the truth - with no guarantee that it is a truth they can bear to learn.
How many episodes is Madlax?
There are 26 episodes and 1 season of Madlax.
Is Madlax series finished?
Yes, Madlax series is finished. 1. season was the last one.
Who is in the cast of Madlax?
Madlax cast is including:
Satsuki Yukino as (26 episodes), Toshiyuki Morikawa as (26 episodes), Houko Kuwashima as (26 episodes), Sanae Kobayashi as (26 episodes), Masashi Ebara as (26 episodes), Aya Hisakawa as (26 episodes), Tomoko Kaneda as (26 episodes), Miyu Irino as (26 episodes), Ai Uchikawa as (26 episodes), Kotono Mitsuishi as (1 episode)

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