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The Legend of Vox Machina


The Legend of Vox Machina

Episodes: 12

1. Rise of the Chroma Conclave

Vox Machina’s victorious return home to Emon is cut short by the arrival of ancient dragons, the Chroma Conclave. Despite Vox Machina’s best efforts, the dragons lay waste to the city, forcing the team to find a way to escape.


Ashley Johnson

Pike Trickfoot (voice)

Laura Bailey

Vex'ahlia (voice)

Matthew Mercer

Umbrasyl / Other Voices (voice)
Sylas Briarwood / Other Voices (voice)

Marisha Ray

Keyleth (voice)

Sam Riegel

Scanlan Shorthalt (voice)

Taliesin Jaffe

Percy (voice)

Liam O'Brien

Vax'ildan (voice)
Vax'ildan / Vorugal (voice)

Travis Willingham

Grog Strongjaw (voice)

Grey DeLisle

Delilah Briarwood / Lady De Rolo / Townsperson / ...
Delilah Briarwood (voice)
Deliliah Briarwood (voice)
Lady De Rolo (voice)
Delilah Briarwood / Lady De Rolo (voice)
Delilah Briarwood / Townsperson (voice)
Delilah Briarwood / Rahlia (voice)

Khary Payton

Sovereign Uriel Tal'Dorei (voice)

Indira Varma

Lady Allura Vysoren (voice)

Esme Creed-Miles

Cassandra (voice)

Gina Torres

Keeper Yennen (voice)

Stephanie Beatriz

Lady Kima of Vord (voice)

Darin De Paul

Stonefell (voice)
Stonefell / Palace Guard (voice)

Kelly Hu

Anna Ripley (voice)

Sunil Malhotra

Gilmore (voice)

Stephen Root

Professor Anders (voice)

Anjali Bhimani

Head Cleric (voice)

Eugene Byrd

Jarrett (voice)
Captain Jarett (voice)

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