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Forecasting Love and Weather


기상청 사람들: 사내연애 잔혹사 편

Episodes: 16

1. Signal

While preparing for her wedding, Jin Ha-kyung deals with work headaches as Lee Si-woo refuses to give up on signals that point to an oncoming storm.


Park Min-young

Jin Ha-kyung

Song Kang

Lee Si-woo

Yoon Park

Han Ki-jun


Chae Yu-jin

Lee Sung-wook

Um Dong-han

Moon Tae-yu

Shin Seok-ho

Yoon Sa-bong

Oh Myung-joo

Chae Seo-eun

Kim Soo-jin

Kwon Hae-hyo

Ko Bong-chan

Kim Mi-kyeong

Mrs Bae

Jung Woon-sun

Jin Tae-kyung

Jang So-yeon

Lee Hyang-rae

Bae Myung-jin

Asst. Director Park

Kim Hieora

Myung Han's girlfriend

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