Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World



Episodes: 12

1. Encounter

Kaga Michio, who thought he was simply opening the settings menu of a PC game, finds himself inside the game world. Equipment, levels, stats, and settings... Approaching the situation like a typical video game, Michio saves a village from bandits as his first quest. However, Michio discovers that he can't leave this world he believed was just a game by logging out or exiting...


Taku Yashiro

Michio Kaga (voice)

Shiori Mikami

Roxanne (voice)

Kenta Miyake

Alan (voice)

Hayato Fujii

Needlewood (voice)
Udowood (voice)
Adventurer (voice)
Auctioneer (voice)

Nozomi Furuki

Guild Staff (voice)

Shiori Izawa

Sherry (voice)

Hiromu Mineta

Youth Explorer (voice)
Villager (voice)

Manabu Sakamaki

Vale-tei Owner (voice)

Wataru Usami

Ugo (voice)
Villager (voice)

Koudai Sakai

Young Knight (voice)
Knight (voice)

Kuroki Honoka

Miria (voice)

Rina Honnizumi

Vesta (voice)

Mikako Izawa

Rutina (voice)

Hayato Kimura

Thieves (voice)
Villager (voice)

Nobuyuki Kobushi

Vicker (voice)

Syouhei Yamaguchi

Villager (voice)
Knight Member (voice)

Mariko Munakata

Whore (voice)
Thieves (voice)

Youko Oojimo

Woman (voice)
Vale Resident (voice)

Shunsuke Kanie

Tradesman (voice)
Knight Member (voice)

Anna Yamaki

Thieves (voice)
Elf (voice)

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