The Secret House


The Secret House

South Korea
Status: in production

Episodes: 120

1. Episode 1

A revenge play in which a dirt spoon lawyer chasing the traces of his missing mother walks into the secret surrounding him to fight the world.


Seo Ha-jun

Woo Ji-Hwan

Lee Young-eun

Baek Joo-Hong

Kim Jeong-hoon

Nam Tae-Hyung

Kang Byul

Nam Tae-Hee

Lee Seung-yeon

Ham Sook-Jin

Yoon Bok-in

Ahn Kyung-Sun

Yoon A-jung

Woo Min-Young

Park Ye-rin

Woo Sol

Jang Hang-seon

Nam Heung-Sik

Park Choong-seon

Baek Sang-Goo

Kim Nam-hee

Shim Haeng-Ja

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