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The Rookie: Feds


The Rookie: Feds

Episodes: 14

1. Day One

Simone Clark sets her sights on joining Matthew Garza’s newly formed special unit as they investigate the murder of a federal engineer. Simone and Cutty’s relationship is tested as their opposing opinions about law enforcement come to a head.


Niecy Nash

Simone Clark

Frankie Faison

Christopher 'Cutty' Clark

Felix Solis

Matthew Garza

Britt Robertson

Laura Stensen

Kevin Zegers

Brendon Acres

James Lesure

Carter Hope

Michelle Nuñez

Elena Flores

Courtney Ford

Tracy Chiles

Devika Bhise

Antoinette Benneteau

Brent Huff


Deniz Akdeniz

Mark Atlas

Jessica Betts

Dina Jackson

Nathan Fillion

John Nolan

Alyssa Diaz

Angela Lopez

Melissa O'Neil

Lucy Chen

Eric Winter

Tim Bradford

Kearran Giovanni

Evelyn Hope

Valarie Pettiford

Ruth Jackson

Tom Arnold

Miles Butkus

Christine Horn


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