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Three Bold Siblings


삼남매가 용감하게

Episodes: 51

1. Episode 1

Tae Ju can't believe her ears sitting with So Rim's soon-to-be husband's family. Her whole life, she has sacrificed herself for her younger siblings and did everything her mother wanted. But this time, it's gone too far. She walks out disturbed and angry. However, the sight of Sang Jun's photo exhibition posters pushes her to her limits.


Lee Ha-na

Kim Tae Joo

Lim Ju-hwan

Lee Sang-joon

Kim So-eun

Kim So-rim

Lee You-jin

Kim Gun-woo

Lee Tae-sung

Cha Yoon-ho

Kim Seung-su

Shin Mu-young

Wang Bit-na

Jang Hyun-jeong

Moon Ye-won

Lee Sang-min

Gi So-you

Kim Tae Joo [Young]

Chang Mi-hee

Jang Se-ran

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