Jane Eyre


Jane Eyre

Episodes: 4

1. Episode 1

Jane Eyre, an orphaned girl, is sent to Lowood School by her uncaring aunt Mrs Reed, who no longer wants the child in her house where Jane was ill-treated by cousins and aunt. Jane remains at Lowood School until the age of 19 and eventually becomes a governess. She receives a position at Thornfield Hall as a governess for Adele, a French girl in the care of Edward Rochester, the master of Thornfield Hall. From the housekeeper Jane learns that the master of the house is rarely at home. One day, she finally meets Rochester on one of his returns to Thornfield. For the first time, Jane feels as if she belongs somewhere and soon begins to love Thornfield. But this is challenged when Jane one day wakes to strange noises in the house. When she follows the sounds she discovers a fire in Rochester's room.


Ruth Wilson

Jane Eyre

Toby Stephens

Edward Rochester

Tara Fitzgerald

Mrs. Reed

Lorraine Ashbourne

Mrs. Fairfax

Pam Ferris

Grace Poole

Christina Cole

Blanche Ingram

Jeanne Golding

Lady Lynn

Ned Irish


Arthur Cox

Colonel Dent

Tim Goodman

Sir George Lynn

Sam Hoare

Lynn Brother

Francesca Annis

Lady Ingram

Elsa Mollien


Aidan McArdle

John Eshton

Cosima Littlewood

Adelé Rochester

Cara Horgan

Eliza Reed

Daniel Pirrie


Beth Steel

Dent Twin

Amy Steel

Dent Twin

Charlotte West-Oram

Mrs. Dent

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