The Addams Family


The Addams Family

Episodes: 30

1. My Fair Cousin Itt

Gomez has written a play for the Family to celebrate Wednesday's birthday. Cousin Itt, Fester and Lurch all want to be the hero. Cousin Itt is brilliant as the hero, Claude, much to Fester's disgust, he wanted the role. Now all they need is a director, so Gomez decides to hire a professional. Erich von Bissell, who wants to rekindle his faded career, and thinks the play beneath him until Gomez offers $50,000. Meanwhile, Fester locks Itt in a chest so he can play the hero, Fester is in turn locked in the iron maiden by Lurch, who also wants the role. When Itt is freed, von Bissell refuses to work with him, especially when he hears Itt's voice. Offended, Itt hides up the chimney. Morticia coaxes him down and works on improving his voice. Itt slows his speech down to reveal a deep baritone, which von Bissell adores. Itt now gets airs and won't do a silly amateur play. Morticia is appalled and tries in vain to get the old Itt back. Gomez brings over producer Sam Detrick, who wants Itt to b


Carolyn Jones

Morticia Addams

John Astin

Gomez Addams

Jackie Coogan

Uncle Fester

Ted Cassidy


Marie Blake


Lisa Loring

Wednesday Addams

Ken Weatherwax

Pugsley Addams

Felix Silla

Cousin Itt


Kitty-Cat (uncredited)

Parley Baer

Eddie Quillan

Rolfe Sedan

Vito Scotti

Jimmy Cross

Margaret Hamilton

Allyn Joslyn

Bob LeMond

Richard Reeves

Barry Kelley

George Barrows

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