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Gossip Girl


Gossip Girl

Episodes: 10

1. Gone Maybe Gone

After a brief encounter abroad, Chuck and Blair make a promise to each other about their relationship, which leaves them once again apart. Dan, with some help from an unlikely ally, Georgina, is writing a scathing tell-all book that can only mean trouble. As the sole head of The Spectator, Nate is making his own decisions and is ready to go up against Gossip Girl. As word spreads that Serena is missing, the gang bands together to find her and are shocked by what they find.


Blake Lively

Serena van der Woodsen

Leighton Meester

Blair Waldorf

Penn Badgley

Dan Humphrey

Chace Crawford

Nate Archibald

Ed Westwick

Chuck Bass

Kelly Rutherford

Lily van der Woodsen

Matthew Settle

Rufus Humphrey

Taylor Momsen

Jenny Humphrey

Jessica Szohr

Vanessa Abrams

Zuzanna Szadkowski

Dorota Kishlovsky

Connor Paolo

Eric van der Woodsen

Kaylee DeFer

Ivy Dickens

Margaret Colin

Eleanor Waldorf

Amanda Setton

Penelope Shafai

Nicole Fiscella

Isabel Coates

Michelle Trachtenberg

Georgina Sparks

Robert John Burke

Bart Bass

Nan Zhang

Kati Farkas

Yin Chang

Nelly Yuki

Hugo Becker

Louis Grimaldi

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