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Episodes: 23

1. Twenty Vicodin

House is serving out a lengthy prison sentence for his various misdeeds, including his trip outside the country in an attempt to escape responsibility. Entirely cut off from his old life, House determines his current problems are the result of his inability to deal with people. Feeling he will never be able to practice medicine again, he plans instead to go back to university to earn a doctorate in physics - a field that will all but assure his isolation from other human beings.


Hugh Laurie

Gregory House

Omar Epps

Eric Foreman

Robert Sean Leonard

James Wilson

Jesse Spencer

Robert Chase

Lisa Edelstein

Lisa Cuddy

Jennifer Morrison

Allison Cameron

Peter Jacobson

Chris Taub
Dr. Chris Taub

Olivia Wilde

Remy "Thirteen" Hadley
Dr. Remy 'Thirteen' Hadley

Kal Penn

Lawrence Kutner

Charlyne Yi

Chi Park

Odette Annable

Jessica Adams

Anne Dudek

Amber Volakis

Jennifer Crystal Foley

Rachel Taub

Stephanie Venditto

Nurse Brenda Previn

Liz Benoit

Nurse Anne
Surgical Nurse

Michael Weston

Lucas Douglas

Sela Ward

Stacy Warner

Ron Perkins

Ron Simpson

David Morse

Michael Tritter

Edi Gathegi

Jeffrey Cole

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