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American Dad!


American Dad!

Episodes: 22

1. Langley Dollar Listings

Francine becomes a realtor in Langley's world of high-end real estate, while the rest of the family sells coffee from the front yard.


Seth MacFarlane

Stan Smith / Roger (voice)

Wendy Schaal

Francine Smith (voice)

Rachael MacFarlane

Hayley Smith (voice)

Scott Grimes

Steve Smith (voice)

Dee Bradley Baker

Klaus (voice)

Jeff Fischer

Jeff Fischer (voice)
Donnie Patterson (voice)
Jeff Fischer / Glenn (voice)
Kidnapper (voice)
Jeff Fischer / Donnie (voice)
Jeff Fischer / Camp Sniper (voice)

Curtis Armstrong

Snot Lonstein (voice)
Snot (voice)
Snot Lonstein / Eli Weisel (voice)
Frank, the Judge (voice)

Patrick Stewart

Avery Bullock (voice)
Avery Bullock as B (voice)
Jeff Fischer (voice)
Avery Bullock / Police Academy Chief (voice)
Avery Bullock / Patrick Stewart (voice)

Kevin Michael Richardson

Principal Lewis (voice)
Billy (voice)
Principal Lewis / Billy (voice)
Coma Patient (voice)
Rerun (voice)
Nameless Bum (voice)
Black Dick / Principal Lewis (voice)
Principal Lewis / Homosexual Giant / Ferris Wheel Guy (voice)
Improv Actor (voice)
Billy / Principal Lewis (voice)
Principal Lewis / Billy / Steve Harvey (voice)
Billy / Black Francine (voice)
Jamaicans / Toilet (voice)
Homeless Man (voice)
Security Guard / Principal Lewis (voice)
Harlem Globetrotter (voice)
Principal Lewis as Black Villain (voice)
Ted Feedler / Nameless Bum (voice)
Hegel's Associate / Convention Attendee (voice)
Janitor (voice)
Tank Bates / Nelson Mandela / Principal Lewis (voice)
Jerry (voice)
Milford (voice)
Vitas (voice)
Principal Lewis / Billy / Troll Sllort (voice)
Ludacris (voice)
Principal Lewis / TV Announcer (voice)

Eddie Kaye Thomas

Barry Robinson (voice)
Barry Robinson / Spike (voice)
William / Barry Robinson (voice)
Barry (voice)
Barry Robinson / Manny (voice)

Mike Barker

Terry Bates (voice)
Sanders (voice)
Science Teacher (voice)
Terry Bates / Sanders (voice)
Man in Mall (voice)
Terry Bates / Chuck White (voice)
Frank / Terry Bates (voice)
Crisp's Henchman (voice)
Contestant / Terry Bates (voice)
Jerry (voice)
Agent (voice)
Dr. Heisler / Terry (voice)
Terry Bates / Ticket Guy / Valet (voice)
Scoliosis Doctor (voice)
Chuck White / Terry Bates (voice)
World's Largest Candle Salesman (voice)
Teddy (voice)
Jesus (voice)
CIA Scientist (voice)
Chuck White / Terry Bates as Mani (voice)
Nick (voice)
Second Worker (voice)
Terry Bates / Mr. Madsen / Michael (voice)
The Bear Man (voice)
Various Characters (voice)
Terry Bates / Cashier (voice)
Terry Bates / Skinny Man (voice)
Terry Bates / Researcher (voice)
Jock #2 / Sanders / Pig Head (voice)

Mike Henry

Jackson (voice)
Jackson / Charlie (voice)
Senator #2 (voice)
Jackson / Faziz / Michael Moore (voice)
Jackson / Sully Sullenberger (voice)
Cleveland Brown (voice)
Jackson / Kid Doctor / Guy 1 (voice)
Faziz / Announcer #2 (voice)
BBQ Guy (voice)
Jackson / Taco (voice)
Airplane Passenger (voice)
Maitre D' Green Bonneville (voice)
Jackson / Maitre D' (voice)
Demolisher (voice)

David Koechner

Dick (voice)
Dick / Charles the Hunchback (voice)
Dick Reynolds (voice)
Wilbur Kentucky (voice)

Daisuke Suzuki

Toshi Yoshida (voice)

Richard Kind

Al Tuttle (voice)
Car Salesman (voice)

Chris Diamantopoulos

Abraham Lincoln (voice)
Neighbor (voice)
Fitzwilliam Darcy / Dr. Watson (voice)
St. Peter (voice)
Roscoe (voice)
Bjorn (voice)
Young Fireman / Phil / Foam Guy (voice)
Dalai Lama (voice)
DJ Iron Monkey's Body Guard (voice)
Dawson Family Member (voice)
Various (voice)
Guerrilla Soldier (voice)
Italian Man (voice)
Wedding Singer (voice)
Sanders' Double (voice)
Francine's Drinking Buddy (voice)
Alien (voice)
Guest #3 / Brad / Guy (voice)
Man in Supermarket (voice)
Guy / Old Man (voice)
Meaux (voice)
Dale (voice)

Alex Cuthbertson

Various (voice)
Student (voice)
Crisp's Henchman (voice)
Alien (voice)
Brent Robbins (voice)
Puppet Guy (voice)

Matt McKenna

Buckle (voice)
Santa Claus (voice)
Buckle the Mountain Man (voice)
Buckle the Mountain Man / Ghoul (voice)
Coach Andrews (voice)
Henry Calloway (voice)
Guy at the Concert (voice)
Softball player #1 (voice)
Jesus H. Christ (voice)
Russian (voice)

Judah Miller

Mertz (voice)
Townsperson (voice)
Student (voice)

Paget Brewster

Michelle (voice)
Concession Counter Girl (voice)
Woman / Thundercat (voice)
Raina (voice)
Diane (voice)
Alien (voice)
Thundercat (voice)
Reporter (voice)
Casey (voice)
Judy (voice)
Waitress (voice)
Psychiatric Orderly (voice)
Train Actor (voice)
Linda Vunerabella (voice)
Brett Morris' Wife (voice)
Joanna (voice)
Casey / Female Robot (voice)
Woman (voice)
Mia (voice)
Carmen Selectra (voice)

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