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Jinny's Kitchen



Episodes: 6

1. Episode 1

The brand new boss Seo-jin opens a Korean snack bar in Mexico with the slogan “Profit comes first!” The staff who can't get used to his passion, Yu-mi, Seo-jun, Woo-shik, and Tae-hyung, are more than ready to make this work, but it seems impossible. Even the rain comes to bless their grand opening. “The old Seo-jin is gone. He’s a boss now!” Meet them in Bacalar, a beautiful town by the lake.


Lee Seo-jin

Self - CEO/Boss Lee

Jung Yu-mi

Self - Director Jung

Park Seo-jun

Self - Manager Park

Choi Woo-shik

Self - Intern Choi

Kim Tae-hyung

Self - Intern Kim

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