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Starsky & Hutch


Starsky & Hutch

Episodes: 22

1. Discomania

The streetwise Detective partners go incognito as disco dudes at Fever, a popular dance club, where Sergeant Lizzie Thorpe is laid as bait in a trap set for a serial killer, who is drugging, abducting and murdering attractive women who refuse to dance with him...


David Soul

Kenneth Hutchinson

Paul Michael Glaser

David Starsky

Antonio Fargas

Huggy Bear Brown

Bernie Hamilton

Harold Dobey

Marki Bey

Officer Minnie Kaplan

Lynne Marta

Roz Kelly

Paul Picerni

Anitra Ford

Charles Cyphers

Raymond Allen

Suzanne Somers

Blackie Dammett


Fran Ryan

Alex Rocco

Thomas Callendar

Marc Alaimo

Kristy McNichol

Joey Carston

Helen Martin

Layne Britton

Nicholas Worth

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