Episodes: 14

1. Episode 1

It's a grand occasion as the residents of Chatsworth celebrate being awarded an Olympic ring from London 2012. The Maguires toast the expansion of their empire: Mimi's hijacked control of the local school via the PTA and Shane's setting up a new business venture. Business is booming, but the family is thrown into turmoil when Jamie makes a shocking discovery about his family tree and withdraws from the firm. Can Mimi persuade Jamie to return as head of the family before all is lost or will a shocking secret tear Chatsworth's leading family apart? Meanwhile, Frank finds himself climbing the employment ladder as janitor of 'St Mimi's School', conveniently funding his new leisure activity - the Gastric Bandits, a prostitute double act with Sherrilee and Derrilee, who light up his life.


Stephen Lord

David Threlfall

Frank Gallagher

Rebecca Atkinson

Karen Jackson

Alice Barry

Lillian Tyler

Nicky Evans

Shane Maguire

Tina Malone

Mimi Maguire

Gerard Kearns

Ian Gallagher

Elliott Tittensor

Carl Gallagher

Aaron McCusker

Jamie Maguire

Rebecca Ryan

Debbie Gallagher

Sean Gilder

Paddy Maguire

Johnny Bennett

Liam Gallagher

Sally Carman

Kelly-Marie Ball

Ciarán Griffiths

Mickey Maguire

Dean Lennox Kelly

Kev Ball

Qasim Akhtar

Chesney Karib

Anne-Marie Duff

Fiona Gallagher

Maxine Peake

Veronica Fisher

Chris Bisson

Kash Karib

Joseph Furnace

Liam Gallagher

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