Episodes: 22

1. A Kiss to Build a Dream On

The fourth season begins with a nice wedding of an unexpected couple and kiss at the airport for couple Bright and Hannah in Everwood. Nina finally chooses between the two men she loves - Andy and Jake while at Delia's behest. Amy develops a new friendship with college-age student Reid (guest-star Justin Bardoni) while waiting on her mother Rose at the hospital. Also, Amy and Rose find that Rose's cancer has driven them apart rather than brought them together. Bright flirts with a new girl who might become his roommate, but is more involved in knowing what girlfriend Hannah scribbled off the postcard that she sent to him. Lastly, Ephram makes an emotional return to Everwood just in time for an unexpected wedding.


Treat Williams

Andrew Brown

Gregory Smith

Ephram Brown

Emily VanCamp

Amy Abbott

Debra Mooney

Edna Harper

John Beasley

Irv Harper

Vivien Cardone

Delia Brown

Chris Pratt

Bright Abbott

Tom Amandes

Harold Abbott

Stephanie Niznik

Nina Feeney

Merrilyn Gann

Rose Abbott

Jan Broberg


Sarah Lancaster

Madison Kellner
Madison Kellner (voice) (uncredited)

Mike Erwin

Colin Hart

Whitney Lee

Brittany Clark

Justin Baldoni

Reid Bardem

Lee Garlington

Brenda Baxworth

Nancy Everhard

Sharon Hart

Ben Hammond

Sam Feeney
Sam Feeney (voice)

Nora Zehetner

Laynie Hart

Katie Millar


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