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Episodes: 24

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit

Clare has to face up to a serious dilemma that will affect her entire future. She hopes confiding in Alli will help her. Zoë is angry when Becky tells her she's distracting the power cheer team, she knows she has to bring her down. Miles and Tristan get closer, but Mr. Hollingsworth is worried that the way his son is behaving with damage his future political prospects. Miles decides to take on his father.


Stefan Brogren

Archie Simpson

A.J. Saudin

Connor DeLaurier

Melinda Shankar

Alli Bhandari

Jessica Tyler

Jenna Middleton

Luke Bilyk

Drew Torres

Munro Chambers

Eli Goldsworthy

Cory Lee

Ms. Oh

Jahmil French

Dave Turner

Shane Kippel

Gavin 'Spinner' Mason

Miriam McDonald

Emma Nelson

Cassie Steele

Manny Santos

Jordan Todosey

Adam Torres

Alicia Josipovic

Bianca DeSousa

Sam Earle

K.C. Guthrie

Sarah Barrable-Tishauer

Liberty Van Zandt

Charlotte Arnold

Holly J. Sinclair

Cristine Prosperi

Imogen Moreno

Annie Clark

Fiona Coyne


Jimmy Brooks

Lauren Collins

Paige Michalchuk

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