Loonatics Unleashed


Loonatics Unleashed

Episodes: 13

1. Secrets of the Guardian Strike Sword

Ace meets a mysterious young man, Deuce, who saves his life when Ophiuchus Sam attempts to rob an interdimentional train. But Deuce is not who he appears, and Ace learns the true origins of his sword.


Charlie Schlatter

Ace Bunny (voice)

Jessica DiCicco

Lexi Bunny (voice)

Jason Marsden

Danger Duck (voice)

Rob Paulsen

Rev Runner (voice)

Kevin Michael Richardson

Tech E. Coyote / Slam Tasmanian (voice)

Candi Milo

Zadavia (voice)

Charlie Adler

Optimatus (voice)

Joe Alaskey

Sylth Vester / The Royal Tweetums (voice)
Melvin Martian (voice)
Stoney the Stone (voice)

Khary Payton

Deuce (voice)

Tim Curry

The Ringmaster (voice)

Kaley Cuoco

Paula Hayes / Weathervane (voice)

Florence Henderson

Mallory Mastermind (voice)

Michael Clarke Duncan

Massive (voice)

Phil LaMarr

Sypher (voice)

Jeff Bennett

Dr. Chroniker / Colonel Trench (voice)
Professor Zane (voice)

Dee Bradley Baker

Otto (voice)
Otto the Odd / Reporter (voice)

Jim Cummings


Phil Morris


Maurice LaMarche

Ophiuchus Sam / Ice Cream Vendor (voice)
Pierre LePew (voice)

David Faustino

Time Skip (voice)

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