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King of the Hill


King of the Hill

Episodes: 20

1. Dia-BILL-ic Shock

Bill's love of sugary snacks causes diabetes. After a doctor tells Bill that he will lose his legs he decides to start using a wheelchair. Once he is wheelchair bound he finds camaraderie with Thunder, a wheelchair sports enthusiast. Things turn around for Bill until Thunder finds out that Bill does not really need the wheelchair.


Mike Judge

Hank Hill / Boomhauer (voice)

Kathy Najimy

Peggy Hill (voice)

Pamela Adlon

Bobby Hill (voice)

Johnny Hardwick

Dale Gribble (voice)

Stephen Root

Bill Dauterive / Buck Strickland (voice)

Brittany Murphy

Luanne Platter (voice)

Toby Huss

Kahn Souphanousinphone / Cotton Hill (voice)

Lauren Tom

Minh Souphanousinphone / Connie Souphanousinphone (voice)

Ashley Gardner

Nancy Hicks-Gribble / Didi Hill (voice)

David Herman

Eustis Miller (voice)
Jimmy Witchard (voice)
(voice) (uncredited)
Gilbert Dauterive (voice)
Les (voice)
Buckley / Eustis Miller (voice)
Gayle (voice)
Ted T. Gannaway (voice)
Buckley / Eustis / Additional Voices (voice)
The Astounding Herrerra (voice)
Deprogrammer (voice)
Fitzy (voice)
Teenager (voice)
McVie Hilgren-Bronson (voice)
Earl / J.J. (voice)
Anthony Page (voice)
Rico (voice)
Jimmy Witchard / Johnson (voice) (uncredited)
Gen-Y Geek / The Dow Genius (voice)
City Councilman (voice)
Monroe (voice)
Meat Guy / Steve (voice)
Pastor K (voice)
Brent Cobb (voice)
Jonathan (voice)
Draper / Gary / Resident (voice)
Buckley / Matt (voice)
Alien Urine Salesman (voice)
Timmol (voice)
Cap (voice)
Pat Flannery (voice)
Eustis Miller / Randy Miller (voice)
Old Man #1 / Oskar / Sports Guy (voice)
Bazooms Manager / Dealer #1 / Man on TV (voice)
Mr. Hickey (voice)
Brock (voice)
Miguel Hernandez / Mr. Terkelsen (voice)
Craig T. (voice)
Conductor Nolan / Lawrence Robbins (voice)
Booster (voice)
Junior Monk (voice)
Dog Trainer (voice)
Joe / Kris / Otto (voice)
Army Doctor (voice)
Postal Worker (voice)
Skycap (voice)
Terrence Pope (voice)
Lloyd Vickers (voice)
Big Terry (voice)
Tim (voice)
Consulate Guy / Mitch (voice)
Brubaker / Weaver #1 (voice)
Frisbee Hippie (voice)
Miguel Hernandez (voice)
Father (voice)
Dog Owner (voice)
Bruce Tuttle / Davy Crockett / Gerald Charping (voice)
Bodhi (voice)
Charlie / Booster #1 (voice)
Dolphin Trainer (voice)
Jim (voice)
Enrique (voice)
Miles Burton (voice)
Science Teacher (voice)
Lumpy (voice)
Rodeo Announcer (voice)
Mr. Webber (voice)
Anthony (voice)
Gnome On the Range Employee (voice)
Auctioneer (voice)
Konrad Meinhoffer IV (voice)
Rusty (voice)
Ex-President Jimmy Carter (voice)
Bartender / Math Teacher / Really Old Bartender (voice)
Mud Dobber (voice)
Bloomers / Mankiller / Waiter (voice)
David / Emcee (voice)
T. Beck Minzenmyer (voice)
Stu (voice)
Gladstone (voice)
Spencer / Dennis / Byrne / Actor (voice)
Ticket Taker (voice)
Bug Gribble / Juan Pedro (voice)
Muscular Man (voice)
Keith (voice)
Carlo (voice)
Bradford / Umpire (voice)

Jonathan Joss

John Redcorn (voice)
John Redcorn (voice) (uncredited)
John Redcorn / Driver #2 (voice)

Dennis Burkley

Principal Moss (voice)
Principal Moss / William B. Travis (voice)
Principal Moss / Trucker (voice)

Scott Klace

(voice) (uncredited)
Mikey / Randy / Proud Father (voice)
Male Deacon #1 (voice)
Barry Rollins / Cook (voice)
Dr. Stratton / Weatherman (voice)
Mikey / Randy / Proud Father (voice) (uncredited)
Johnny K (voice)
Gilstead / Older Man (voice)
Commissioner #3 (voice)
Duckworth / Walker Lee (voice)
Rusty Shackleford (voice)
Gerald / Tax Assessor (voice)
Jim (voice)
Craig / Jacob (voice)
Dr. Weissman (voice)
Eric Dwyer (voice)

Tom Petty

Lucky (voice)
Lucky (voice) (uncredited)
Lucky / Mud Dobber (voice)

Phil Hendrie

Burl Arlington / Harv Judd / Roddy Rae Biffel (voice)
Guard / Police Officer #1 / Gordon (voice)
Announcer / Coach Palmer / Salesman (voice)
Commander (voice)
Rent-a-Cop / Big Tex (voice)
Jewel Crawford (voice)
Tom Chick / TV Announcer / Fireman Gennaro (voice)
Epperson (voice)
Coach Sauers (voice)
Greta / Little John (voice) (uncredited)
Big Willie Lane / Bear (voice)
Roddy Rae Biffel (voice)
Roger (voice)
Dr. Schiff / Tom Chick (voice)
Big Jim (voice)
Lawyer (voice) (uncredited)
Big Jim / City Inspector (voice)
Chairman / Pete / Dr. Wallis (voice)

Phil LaMarr

Roger 'Booda' Sack (voice)
Judge (voice)
Travis (voice)
Vietnam War Veteran (voice)
Emergency Worker (voice)
Texas Ranger Payton (voice)
Roger 'Booda' Sack / Waiter (voice)
Torch Carrier #2 (voice)
Hart / Early / Pa (voice)
Earl / Bennett (voice)
Ramsey (voice)
Referee (voice)

Danny Trejo

Enrique (voice)
Octavio (voice) (uncredited)
Victor Velasquez (voice)
Enrique / Octavio (voice)
Lifeguard / Waiter (voice)

Dave Thomas

Lane Pratley (voice)
Lane Prately (voice) (uncredited)
Jimsey (voice)
Wayne (voice)
Toothless Loser (voice)
Ambrose (voice)
Steve Goodman / T. Anderson Kearney (voice)
Lane Pratley / Mr. Burton (voice)
Gretta / Lane Pratley (voice)

James Sie

Nguc Phong (voice)
Nozawa (voice)
Sheila's Assisant (voice)
Phonsawan (voice)
General Gum (voice)
Mitchell Lee / Asian Man (voice)
Doctor (voice)

Beth Grant

Nurse (voice)
Tilly Hill (voice)
Doris (voice)
Blanche (voice)
Nurse (voice) (uncredited)

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