Home and Away


Home and Away

Episodes: 16

1. Episode 7946

Felicity and Tane’s wedding day ends in disaster. Justin has blood on his hands. Has Cash lost his chance to be with Eden?


Ray Meagher

Alf Stewart

Lynne McGranger

Irene Roberts

Ada Nicodemou

Leah Patterson-Baker
Leah Patterson
Leah Patterson-Baker-MacGuire
Leah Poulos

Shane Withington

John Palmer

Emily Symons

Marilyn Chambers
Marilyn Fisher

Georgie Parker

Roo Stewart

James Stewart

Justin Morgan

Sophie Dillman

Ziggy Astoni

Penny McNamee

Tori Morgan

Dieter Brummer

Shane Parrish

Luke Mitchell

Romeo Smith

Patrick O'Connor

Dean Thompson

Les Hill

Blake Dean

Rohan Nichol

Ben Astoni

Kestie Morassi

Maggie Astoni

Esther Anderson

Charlie Buckton

Jackson Heywood

Brody Morgan
Lachie Cladwell
Brody Mason

Sarah Roberts

Willow Harris

Sam Frost

Jasmine Delaney

Emily Weir

Mackenzie Booth

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