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The Venture Bros.


The Venture Bros.

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Episodes: 10

1. The Venture Bros. and the Curse of the Haunted Problem

The Venture headquarters is either possessed, just regular haunted, or suffering from a computer glitch; Dr. Orpheus and the Order of the Triad are called upon to unlock the mystery.


Doc Hammer

Dr. Girlfriend / Henchman 21 (voice)

Christopher McCulloch

Hank Venture / The Monarch (voice)

Patrick Warburton

Brock Samson (voice)

James Urbaniak

Dr. Venture (voice)

Michael Sinterniklaas

Dean Venture (voice)

Steven Rattazzi

Dr. Orpheus (voice)

Lisa Hammer

Triana Orpheus (voice)
Jeanie / Leslie Cohen / Lesliebots (voice)
Jeanie (Mrs. Tom) (voice)
Princess Tinglepants (voice)

Paul Boocock

Dr. Jonas Venture (voice)
Dr. Jonas Venture / Additional Voices (voice)
Dr. Jonas Venture / More Pirates (voice)
Fighter Pilot / O.S.I. Instructor (voice)
Jonas Venture Sr. / Additional Voices (voice)
Highway Cop / Scared Straight Kid 1 (voice)
Sonny / Interpreter / Little Jorgé (voice)
Priest 1 / Jonas Venture (voice)
Tigerriffic / Therapist / Prison Guard 2 (voice)
Jonas Venture Sr. / Sandow / Samuel Clemens (voice)
Dr. Jonas Venture / OCLF Leader (voice)

Brendon Small

Action Johnny (voice)
Sgt. Hatred (voice)
Jonny Quest (voice)
Surgeon / OSI Scientist / SPHINX Agent 1 (voice)
Plastic Surgeon (voice)
Agent Hauser (voice)
Swifty / Hector / Crime-o-dile Henchman / White Noise (voice)
Resistance 1 (voice)

Dana Snyder

The Alchemist (voice)
President Breyer (voice)

Bill Hader

Professor Impossible / Alien villain (voice)
Professor Impossible (voice)
Professor Impossible / Phage (voice)

Toby Huss

General Treister (voice)
Scaramantula (voice)

H. Jon Benjamin

The Master (voice)

Stephen Colbert

Professor Impossible (voice)

Kevin Conroy

Captain Sunshine (voice)

Charles Parnell

Jefferson Twilight (voice)
Mandalay (voice)

Patton Oswalt

Wonderboy (voice)

Nathan Fillion

Brown Widow (voice)

Seth Green

Lance Hale / Mrs. Z (voice)

Steve Park

Mike Sorayama (voice)

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