Hang Time


Hang Time

Episodes: 12

1. www.eugene.trouble.com

Eugene starts gambling online and racks up a huge debt. He decides to keep it a secret, but when Silk finds out, he tells the Coach. Meanwhile, Kristy has a dental problem (and a ""hump"" on her back- an ice pack) that makes it difficult to speak. She's supposed to be interviewed by Stanford University, so she has Mary Beth take her place.

2. That '60s Show

When a favourite teacher at Deering High School encourages the students to rebel against a newly enforced dress code, they gain victory, but their teacher is sacked. At their next big basketball game, the media are around and the team see their perfect opportunity to stage a sit-in. They get their point across but eventually Coach convinces everyone to get up and play the game - except Julie and Silk, who decide to boycott the match unless their teacher is rehired, or at least is given a good reason for being sacked. Eventually it is revealed that the teacher was fired because the board thought that he was getting too old to teach, and they'd taken this opportunity to let him go.

3. The Gospel According to Silk

Silk's aunt is a singer in a gospel choir, in which Silk himself also sings. At first he keeps it a secret from the others, but they find out and everyone gets along really well with his Aunt Charlotte, who is a great basketball player! However she gets very sick, and although Silk prays really hard, she dies. He begins to lose his faith, but his Aunt appears to him and tells him to keep believing. Meanwhile, Mary Beth and Coach Katowinski both compete in a fundraising competition where the person who can stay for the longest time inside a VW Beetle wins it.

4. The Enforcer

When Coach tells Julie to toughen up for Deering's upcoming big game against Montrose, she rises to the challenge. However her excellent defense lands Montrose's star player, Dave Carter, who was destined for the NBA next year, in hospital with a serious injury. Julie loses her confidence and gets benched for the next game. She visits Dave in the hospital and he assures her that he doesn't hold her responsible for his injury. Meanwhile, Mary Beth and Kristy have problems of their own when an ATM spews $1000 out when Kristy asked it for $20. The bank had no record of their mistake and didn't want the money back, so the girls go shopping. However they began to have bad luck after keeping the cash.

5. Have No Fear

Silk receives a basketball scholarship from Temple University. At first he's psyched about the opportunity to go to Temple. However, after losing a game against two of Temple's players, Silk worries that he won't be able to keep his grades up and be a successful player against the competition in college. Meanwhile, fed up with getting rides from their parents, Julie and Kristy decide to buy a car together. But after constantly arguing with each other over their car, Julie and Kristy's friendship starts to get a little strained.

6. At the Movies

When Kristy and Antonio both get jobs working at the local cinema, they enjoy working together until a promotion becomes available. They each work on a marketing ploy - Antonio makes an elaborate spacecraft out of candy boxes, and Kristy organizes a late night celebrity showing of ""Saved By The Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas"" with a celebrity appearance from Dustin Diamond, a.k.a. ""Screech"". Kristy gains the promotion, and bosses an envious Antonio around so much that he quits, and his relationship with Kristy hits a rocky patch. Meanwhile, Mary Beth has a romantic dream about Eugene. She finds herself attracted to him in daylight too, so they go out on a date, and have a good time until they kiss.

7. Life 101

Mary Beth finds out that Hammer is finished with Duke after dropping out. He decides that he'd like to attend UCLA with Mary Beth and Kristy. However, he can't get accepted, forcing Mary Beth to choose between Hammer and Kristy. Meanwhile, the guys take Coach Katowinski's dog, Killer, for a walk but accidentally lose him in the mall, where he's picked up by an Adopt-A-Pet volunteer.

8. Secrets and Lies

While working on an article for the school paper, Mary Beth meets a guy that asks her out. Things go great until he wants more from her than she's okay with. Meanwhile, two girls try to sabotage Eugene and Silk's game.

9. For the Love of the Game

Though the team is nearing the conclusion of an undefeated season, Coach is concerned that their playing has become tentative and that they fear losing more than they desire to win. He tries to get them to remember what it was like when they played basketball for fun. Also, Julie gets accepted by the University of Connecticut.

10. A Night to Remember

The gang work on setting up the gym for the prom. However, they run into problem after problem. The girls lose the prom money and later end up wearing the same dress the actual night of the prom. Also, Mary Beth and Silk end up with horrible dates, while Eugene still tries to find the right date. But the worst problem of all is when a tornado hits the Deering area.

11. High School Confidential

In this clip show, Mary Beth and Kristy work on their final journalism project to capture the most important things that they learned in high school. They interview the rest of the gang, discussing the best and worst moments during their time spent at Deering.

12. Graduation on Three

The gang prepare to take a final glance at their time spent at Deering over the years. Everyone is emotional, especially Kristy who is worried that after they graduate, they'll never see each other again.


Jay Hernandez

Antonio Lopez

Megan Parlen

Mary-Beth Pepperton

Daniella Deutscher

Julie Connor

Amber Barretto

Kristy Ford

Adam Frost

Michael Manning

Dick Butkus

Coach Mike Katowinski

Reggie Theus

Coach Bill Fuller

Danso Gordon

Kenny 'Silk' Hayes

Anthony Anderson

Teddy Broadis

Michael Sullivan

Vince D'Amata

Phillip Glasser

Eugene Brown

David Hanson

Chris Atwater

Hillary Tuck

Samantha Morgan

Deborah Shelton

Willow Bay

Brien Perry

Mitch Richmond

Dustin Diamond

Mary-Pat Green

Ahmad Rashād

Questions and answers

Where can I watch Hang Time?
Unfortunately Hang Time is not availabe to watch on any of the most popular streaming services in the US. If you have any information about the availibility, please let us know!
Is Hang Time available on Netflix?
Is Hang Time on Netflix? No, this show is not available on Netflix in the US.
What is the plot of Hang Time?
Hang Time is an American teen sitcom about a fictional Indiana high school's boys' basketball team "Deering" with one female player, that aired from 1995–2000. It aired on Saturday mornings on NBC as part of the network's TNBC morning block. It was created by Troy Searer, Robert Tarlow, and Mark Fink. The show lasted six seasons, during which the cast was changed almost in its entirety. Only two cast members stayed with the show throughout its entire run, similar to Saved by the Bell: The New Class.
How many episodes is Hang Time?
There are 104 episodes and 6 seasons of Hang Time.
Is Hang Time series finished?
Yes, Hang Time series is finished. 6. season was the last one.
Who is in the cast of Hang Time?
Hang Time cast is including:
Jay Hernandez as Antonio Lopez (104 episodes), Megan Parlen as Mary-Beth Pepperton (104 episodes), Daniella Deutscher as Julie Connor (104 episodes), Amber Barretto as Kristy Ford (78 episodes), Adam Frost as Michael Manning (78 episodes), Dick Butkus as Coach Mike Katowinski (52 episodes), Reggie Theus as Coach Bill Fuller (52 episodes), Danso Gordon as Kenny 'Silk' Hayes (52 episodes), Anthony Anderson as Teddy Broadis (39 episodes), Michael Sullivan as Vince D'Amata (39 episodes), Phillip Glasser as Eugene Brown (26 episodes), David Hanson as Chris Atwater (13 episodes)

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