Episodes: 13

1. Homecoming

Whistler celebrates with the grand opening of the Beck McKaye Training Facility. Quinn returns home from university to attend the dedication to his brother and discovers that, while everything else is different, his feelings for Carrie are as strong as always.

2. Blindside

Quinn fights for a spot on the snowboard team. Meanwhile, Carrie is torn between her feelings for both Quinn and Griff.

3. Hazed and Confused

Quinn's commitment to the snowboard team is tested. Meanwhile, Quinn discovers his mother's affair.

4. End Game

Quinn decides to try to win Carrie back. Meanwhile, after an old flame returns to town Ryan returns to his old life.

5. Passion Plays

Quinn re-enters the dating scene but instead of a girlfriend he finds a stalker. Meanwhile, Griff is offered a sponsorship, which turns out to be Adrien trying to take an interest in Carrie; Nicole tries to win over a less-than-charming local artist.

6. Always A Bridesmaid

At the same time as attending their Coach's wedding, Leah and Quinn try to deal with their feelings after their night together. Meanwhile, Nicole has doubts about Elias; Jen runs into a former boyfriend who once again steals her heart and makes her doubt her feelings for Derek.

7. Out of Bounds

When Travis is injured while on a backcountry boarding trip, Griff goes for help leaving Quinn alone to care for Travis. Meanwhile, Ryan launches a rescue operation.

8. Crossroads

After his near-death experience on the mountain, Quinn feels invigorated but takes things too far scaring his family and friends once again. Meanwhile, Carrie bonds with Adrien; Jen tries to deal with the aftermath after kissing Peter; Elias puts up an emotional wall between Nicole and himself.

9. Family Ties

Carrie decides to re-think all the relationships in her life upon discovering she's a Varland and turns to Quinn. Meanwhile, Adrien's plans for a casino affect Jada and Ryan.

10. Road Trip

Just before a snowboarding competition in Washington, Quinn and Griff are at odds, thanks to a news report, and this puts Carrie and Leah in a difficult position. Meanwhile, Nicole visits a winery on behalf of the Varland Resort but is shocked when Adrien shows up hoping to turn the trip into something romantic; Peter tries to change Jen's mind about their future together.

11. The Rules of Attachment (1)

Leah confesses her true feelings to Quinn while trying to take their relationship to the next level. Meanwhile, Derek rescues Jen when problems arise from her involvement with the Action Coalition; Ryan discovers Jada's real activities; Adrien makes a play for control of the resort.

12. The Rules of Attachment (2)

Carrie tries to decide if she should tell Quinn about Leah and Travis. Meanwhile, Adrien considers visiting his father after he learns of Jada's involvement in his affairs; Derek develops feelings for Nicole.

13. Last Run

Quinn injures himself and it may force him to stop snowboarding. Meanwhile, Adrien learns disturbing news about Carrie; Carrie must make a difficult decision.


Holly Dignard

Nicole Miller

Amanda Crew

Carrie Miller

Kim Hawthorne

Jada Temple

David Paetkau

Beck McKaye

Jesse Moss

Quinn McKaye

Tamara Hope

Leah Hutton

Tommy Lioutas

John Griffin

Christopher Shyer

Adrien Varland

Adam J. Harrington

Ryan McKaye

Ingrid Kavelaars

Jen Mckaye

Nicholas Lea

Ethan McKaye

Diego Klattenhoff


Haley Beauchamp


Brandy Ledford

Steve Bacic

John Mann

Veena Sood

Benjamin Ayres

Nicole McKay

Tyron Leitso

Questions and answers

Where can I watch Whistler?
Unfortunately Whistler is not availabe to watch on any of the most popular streaming services in the US. If you have any information about the availibility, please let us know!
Is Whistler available on Netflix?
Is Whistler on Netflix? No, this show is not available on Netflix in the US.
What is the plot of Whistler?
Local snowboarding legend Beck McKaye returns home from the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics with a gold medal, only to be later found dead.
How many episodes is Whistler?
There are 26 episodes and 2 seasons of Whistler.
Is Whistler series finished?
Yes, Whistler series is finished. 2. season was the last one.
Who is in the cast of Whistler?
Whistler cast is including:
Holly Dignard as Nicole Miller (26 episodes), Amanda Crew as Carrie Miller (26 episodes), Kim Hawthorne as Jada Temple (26 episodes), David Paetkau as Beck McKaye (26 episodes), Jesse Moss as Quinn McKaye (26 episodes), Tamara Hope as Leah Hutton (26 episodes), Tommy Lioutas as John Griffin (26 episodes), Christopher Shyer as Adrien Varland (26 episodes), Adam J. Harrington as Ryan McKaye (26 episodes), Ingrid Kavelaars as Jen Mckaye (26 episodes), Nicholas Lea as Ethan McKaye (13 episodes), Diego Klattenhoff as Derek (13 episodes)

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