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Episodes: 13

1. Wanko's Warehouse

Trina tells everyone that there is a sale at Wanko's Warehouse, and they all set out to go. They find out that the big sale is going to be at 7 AM, not 7 PM. They find out there is a long line for a sale so they sneak in and get trapped, and try to get out. They plan on hiding in bins until they close, but the store has security cameras and alarm lasers. Everyone slides Robbie under the lasers, because he's skinny and flat enough for it. While Robbie finds his way out, the others get hungry. Once Jade asks for a sandwich, Cat crosses the lasers, setting off the alarm. Everyone (expect Robbie, who's still away) cover their heads with bins so they and Robbie leave the store.


Victoria Justice

Tori Vega

Leon G. Thomas III

Andre Harris

Matt Bennett

Robbie Shapiro

Elizabeth Gillies

Jade West

Ariana Grande

Cat Valentine

Avan Jogia

Beck Oliver

Daniella Monet

Trina Vega

Michael Eric Reid

Sinjin Van Cleef

Jake Farrow

Rex (voice, uncredited)

Eric Lange

Erwin Sikowitz

Darsan Solomon


Charles Shaughnessy

Mason Thornesmith

Lane Napper

Lane Alexander

Jerry Trainor

Spencer Shay
Audience member

Aylya Marzolf

Back-Up Singer #2

Laci Carriere

Little Girl

Jennette McCurdy

Fawn Liebowitz

Perez Hilton


Whitney Rose Pynn

Back-Up Singer #1

Cameron Jebo


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