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Bob's Burgers


Bob's Burgers

Episodes: 13

1. To Bob, or Not to Bob

Bob, Linda and the kids help Mr. Fischoeder put on a play to get his brother Felix to confess to a theft. Meanwhile, Louise is jealous of Tina's hands.


H. Jon Benjamin

Bob Belcher (voice)

Kristen Schaal

Louise Belcher (voice)

Eugene Mirman

Gene Belcher (voice)

John Roberts

Linda Belcher (voice)

Dan Mintz

Tina Belcher (voice)

Larry Murphy

Teddy (voice) / Board Member #1 (voice)
Teddy (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Edith (voice)
Gretchen (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Gretchen (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Coach Blevins (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Arthur (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Javed Fazel (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Hiker 2 (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Gus (voice) / Gretchen (voice)
Teddy / Alex's Dad / Coach Blevins (voice)
Villager (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Petting Zoo Man (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Lenny DeStefano (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Hildy (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Gretchen (voice) / Edith (voice)
Teddy / Griffin / Chicago Cop (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Edith (voice) / Skater (voice)
Edith (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Kabob Customer (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Hotel Manager (voice)
Teddy (voice)/Griffin (voice)/Chicago Cop (voice)
Teddy (voice) / St. Paddy's Guy (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Russell (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Edith (voice) / Biker (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Joe (voice) / Delivery Guy (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Mushroom Stall Guy (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Gus (voice) / Mailman (voice)
Ranger (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Boatman (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Farmer (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Coach Blevins (voice) / Edith (voice)
Resident #1 (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Andrew (voice) / Robert (voice)
Derek (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Old Man (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Hildy (voice) / Home Eccy (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Krissy's Dad (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Moderator (voice)
Teddy / Edith / Dismembered Actor (voice)
Teddy (voice)/Gretchen (voice)/Scott Baggs (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Vance (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Admiral Peter Wilcox (voice)
Teddy / Edith (voice)
One-Eyed Snakes Leader (voice)
Teddy (voice) / Lenny (voice) / Edith (voice)
Lenny (voice)

David Herman

Mr. Frond (voice)
Trev (voice)
Mr. Frond (voice) / Mr. Branca (voice)
Tammy's Dad (voice)
Mr. Branca (voice)
Marshmallow (voice)
Marshmallow (voice) / Trev (voice)
Mr. Frond (voice) / Trev (voice)
Tyler (voice) / Tyler's Father (voice)
Security Guard (voice) / Rocker (voice)
Neil (voice)
Mr. Frond (voice) / Michel Du Rocher (voice)
Highway Patrol Officer (voice) / DJ (voice)
Mr. Frond (voice) / Tammy's Dad (voice) / Mr. Branca (voice)
Announcer (voice) / Oscar Anthony (voice)
Mr. Frond (voice) / Martin (voice)
Captain Davis / Harley's Dad / Patty's Dad (voice)
Officiant / Wedding Guest (voice)
Scott Bakula (voice)
Restaurant Guy / St. Paddy's Guy #2 (voice)
Shop Herman (voice)
Announcer (voice) / Trev (voice)
Mr. Frond (voice) /8th Grade Boy (voice) /Norman (voice)
Gnome Guy (voice)
Michael (voice)
Mr. Rosenthal (voice)
Mr. Frond (voice) / Usher (voice)
Soldier (voice)
Campus Cop (voice)
Mr. Frond / Mr. Branco / Trev / Carine (voice)
Ferry Worker (voice)
Theater Employee / Laundrynado (voice)
Dancer (voice)
Manny / Trev (voice)
Troop Leader (voice)
Salesman (voice)
Walter / Sheilla (voice)
Eric / Customer (voice)
Phil (voice)
Angel (voice)
Scott Baggs / Announcer / Herbert / Hot Cousin Dave (voice)
Joel (voice)
Clay (voice) / Ranger Matthew Dainko (voice)
Mr. Frond (voice) / Kabob Customer (voice)
Pony Danza (voice)
August (voice) / Oscar (voice)
Mr. Frond (voice) / Marshmallow (voice)
Beard Guy / Clerk / Limo (voice)
Rink Manager (voice)
Foreman (voice)
Trev / Glencrest Worker / Man in Dress Shirt (voice)
Clyde (voice)
Kyle (voice) / Ethel (voice)
Eddie 'Tude (voice)
Astronaut / Automated Greeting Guy / Board Member #2 (voice)
Blood Bank Guy (voice)
Marshmallow (voice)/Trev (voice)
Marshmallow (voice) / Police Chief (voice)
Mr. Frond (voice) / Mr. Branca (voice) / Trev (voice)
Mr. Frond (voice) / Photographer (voice) / Trev (voice)
Lillian Bosco (voice)
Clerk (voice)
Announcer (voice)/Gum Boy (voice)/Walkie Talkie Voice
Billy / Knot-Tying Sailor (voice)
Farmer Keith (voice)
Mr. Frond (voice) / Announcer (voice)
Ryder (voice)
Customer / Sorting Clerk / Ernie / Santa Doll (voice)
Ranger Matthew Dainko (voice)
Ernie (voice) / Marshall (voice)
Chris (voice)

Andy Kindler

Mort (voice)
Mort (voice)
Mort (voice) / Mort's Mother (voice)

Bobby Tisdale

Zeke (voice)

Sarah Silverman

Ollie (voice)
Ms. Schnur (voice)
Ollie (voice) / Carly (voice) / Meredith (voice)
Lead Singer (voice)

Jenny Slate

Tammy (voice)
Tammy (voice) / Becca (voice)
Tammy (voice) / Bernadette (voice)
Ruth (voice)
Tammy (voice) / Wish Paper Person (voice) / Tammy's Bubbie
Tammy (voice) / 8th Grade Girl (voice)
Tammy (voice) / Rosa (voice)
Tammy (voice) / Sally (voice)

Brian Huskey

Regular Sized Rudy (voice)
Regular Sized Rudy (voice) / Ms. Merkin (voice)
Regular Sized Rudy (voice) / Rudy's Father (voice)
Rudy (voice)
Rudy (voice) / Nutcracker (voice)
Mr. Platt (voice) / Regular Sized Rudy (voice)
Phil (voice)
Ms. Merkin (voice)
Clerk (voice)
Regular-sized Rudy (voice)
Rudy (voice) / Sylvester (voice)
Adam (voice)
Terry (voice)
Regular Sized Rudy (voice) / Customer (voice)
Regular Sized Rudy (voice) / Customer (voice) / Robot (voice)
Regular Sized Rudy (voice) / Danny (voice)

Jay Johnston

Jimmy Pesto (voice)

Laura Silverman

Andy (voice)
Guitar Player (voice)
Andy (voice) / Ashley (voice)
Andy (voice) / Nurse (voice)
Dillon (voice) / Stage Manager (voice) / Student (voice)

Kevin Kline

Mr. Fischoeder (voice)

Brooke Dillman

Cheryl (voice)
Stacy (voice)
Brake Pads (voice)
Dot (voice)
Alex's Mom (voice) / Brenda (voice)
Elaine (voice)
Meatcute (voice)
Ginny (voice)
Supply Room Sailor (voice)
Old Lady (voice)
Kayak Rental Lady (voice)
Heather (voice)
Josie (voice)
Trish (voice)
Laverne (voice)
Alex's Mom (voice)
Female Cyclist (voice)
Kelly (voice)
Lady Judge (voice) / Bus Driver (voice)
Shelly (voice)
Salesperson (voice)
Emily (voice) / Mom (voice)
Delilah (voice)
Ms. Morris (voice)
Janet (voice)
Booth Lady (voice)
Doris (voice)
Goldie (voice)
Customer Service Woman (voice) / Tour Guide (voice)
Donna (voice) / Girlfriend (voice)
Bonnie (voice)
Alice (voice)
Hiker 1 (voice)
Pixie Princess Queen (voice)
Madeline Greenberg (voice)

Sam Seder

Hugo (voice)
Harold (voice)
Al (voice)
Harold (voice)/Officer Cliffany (voice)
Hugo (voice)/Officer Cliffany (voice)/Officiant (voice)
Hugo (voice)/Security Guard Two (voice)
Officer Cliffany (voice)
Nathaniel (voice)

Melissa Bardin Galsky

Miss Jacobson (voice)
Charlotte (voice)
Ms. Jacobson (voice)
Julie (voice)
Nora Samuels (voice)
Candle Shop Owner (voice)
Charlene (voice)
Jules (voice)
Bartender (voice)
Hostess (voice)
Mother (voice)
Candace (voice)
Florist (voice)
Director (voice)
Mara (voice)
Customer (voice)
Kelly (voice)
257 Girl (voice)
Receptionist (voice) / Ms. Jacobson (voice)
Librarian (voice)
Lady Lookie-Loo (voice)
Millennial #2 (voice)
Mary Queen of Skorts (voice)
Beatrice (voice) / Board Member #3 (voice)

Megan Mullally

Gayle (voice)
Beverly (voice)
Tabitha Johansson (voice)
Gayle (voice) / Jill (voice)

Tim Meadows

Mike (voice)

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