Coffee Prince


커피프린스 1호점

South Korea
Status: ended

Episodes: 17

1. First Cup

Eun-chan supports her family by working two jobs; as Taekwondo instructor and food delivering girl. While making a delivery, she meets Han-gyeol. Han-gyeol is the grandson of chairwoman Bang of Dongin Foods, a company that has a thriving coffee business. Han-gyeol is a smart young man but he is fiercely independent and abhors the thought of being tied down by one career in his life. Sporting a short haircut, Eun-chan looks like a guy instead of a girl. After taking a shower and wearing a towel covering his private part, Han-gyeol meets Eun-chan for the first time. Meanwhile, Chairwoman Bang arranges blind dates for her grandson Han-gyeol to see him settle down.


Yoon Eun-hye

Go Eun-chan

Gong Yoo

Choi Han-kyul

Lee Sun-kyun

Choi Han-sun

Chae Jung-an

Han Yoo-joo

Kim Chang-wan

CEO Hong

Kim Dong-wook

Jin Ha-rim

Kim Jae-wook

No Sun-Ki

Lee Eon

Hwang Min-yeop

Han Ye-in

Go Eun-sae

Kim Young-ok


Choi Il-hwa


Kim Ja-ok

Han-kyul's mother

Park Won-sook

Eun-chan's mother

Lee Han-wi

Mr. Koo

Lee Ji Wan

Young Go Eun-chan

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