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One Piece



Episodes: 4

1. Jango's Dance Carnival

The featurette sees the Straw Hats arriving on Mirrorball Island, which has a huge disco ball hovering over it. Unknown to them, Jango is also in the town at a local bar. However he is spotted by a group of Marines and a chase ensues. In the midst of the chase one of the Marines spots Luffy, forcing him and his crew to run for it as well. The crew falls off a building, forcing Luffy to use Gomu Gomu no Fusen, hitting the giant disco ball and causing it to swing. Jango ends up on top of a dance platform and in desperation, uses his hypnosis to make the people of the island dance. Everyone, including the Straw Hats and the Marines, are caught up in the frenzy and dance the night away, destroying the island in the process. The Straw Hats manage to escape albeit wearily, but realize Luffy's not with them. He and Jango are still on the disco ball floating in the ocean and still dancing as the featurette closes, wondering why they are the only people still hypnotised.


Akemi Okamura

Nami (voice)
Gonbe (voice)

Mayumi Tanaka

Monkey D. Luffy (voice)

Kazuya Nakai

Roronoa Zoro (voice)

Hiroaki Hirata

Vinsmoke Sanji (voice)

Kappei Yamaguchi

Usopp (voice)

Ikue Otani

Tony Tony Chopper (voice)

Yuriko Yamaguchi

Nico Robin (voice)
Nico Olvia (voice)
Nico Oliva (voice)

Kazuki Yao

Franky (voice)
Jango (voice)


Brook (voice)

Mahito Ōba

Smoker (voice)
The Narrator (voice)
The Narrator / Pagaya (voice)
The Narrator / Totsan / Pandaman (voice)

Katsuhisa Houki

Jinbe (voice)

Tessyo Genda

Kaido (voice)

Mari Yaguchi

Yoko (voice)

Daisuke Gôri

Jinbe (voice)

Chikao Ohtsuka

Gold Roger (voice)
Gold Roger (voice) (as Chikao Ohtsuka)

Masaya Onosaka

Spandam (voice)
Spandam / Spandine (voice)
Spandine (voice)
Spandine / Spandam (voice)
Chew (voice)
Spandam, Spandine (voice)


Mr. 7 (voice)
Mr. 7 (Voice)

Masaya Takatsuka

Jyabura (voice)
Yokozuna (voice)
Johnny (voice)
Gedatsu (voice)

Tomokazu Seki

Rob Lucci (voice)
Rob Lucci, Hattori (voice)

Ako Mayama

Cocoro (voice)

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