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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Episodes: 30

1. Farewell The Sea

A group calling themselves the "New Ninja" tries to stop a vengestone smuggling mission while the ninjas attempt to deal with Nya's disappearance.


Michael Adamthwaite

Jay (voice)
Pink Ninja (voice)
Butchie (voice)
Raythe (voice)
Turist Dad / Cop #2 (voice)

Vincent Tong

Kai (voice)
Prison Driver (voice)
Young Guard (voice)
Ray (voice)
Officer (voice)

Brent Miller

Zane (voice)
Kwon (voice)
Cop #1 (voice)
Deputy One (voice)

Kelly Metzger

Nya (voice)
Automated Voice (voice)

Kirby Morrow

Cole (voice)
Ghost (voice)
Cop #3 (voice)

Paul Dobson

Wu (voice)
Ghoultar / Old Monk (voice)
Henchman 1 (voice)
Sailor 1 (voice)
Mother Doomsday / Warden Noble (voice)
Old Guard (voice)
Warden / Swat Driver (voice)

Sam Vincent

Lloyd Garmadon (voice)
Old Man (voice)
Deputy Two (voice)

Mark Oliver

Garmadon (voice)
Garmadon (Voice)

Jillian Michaels

Lloyd Garmadon (voice)
Edna Walker (voice)
Maya (voice)
Child (voice)

Andrew Francis

Cole (voice)
Morro (voice)
Kabuki Mask (voice)
Prison Guard (voice)
Ship Captain (voice)

Britt McKillip

Harumi (voice)

Ian James Corlett

Scales (voice)
Chen (voice)
Fungus (voice)

Michael Dobson

Pythor (voice)
Hounddog McBrag (voice)

Heather Doerksen

Skylor (voice)
Skylor / Roof Guard (voice)

Alan Marriott

Darreth (voice)

Jennifer Hayward

Pixal / Automated Voice (voice)
Pixal (voice)
Pixel (voice)

Kathleen Barr

Aspheera (voice)
Misako / Bansha (voice)
Faith / Misako (voice)

Brian Drummond

Twitchy Tim (voice)
Zippy (voice)
Captain (voice)
Hallmar (voice)

Deven Mack

King Vangelis (voice)
King Vangelis / Skull Sorcerer (voice)
Main Guard (voice)
Main Gaurd / King Vangelis (voice)
Skull Sorcerer (voice)

Scott McNeil

Overlord (voice)
Clouse (voice)
Karlof (voice)

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