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Gravity Falls


Gravity Falls

Episodes: 20

1. Scary-oke

The Pines family is starting to get everything back to normal after the Lil' Gideon incident. They throw a “Mystery Shack Is Back” party, but some unwelcome guests intend to crash it.


Alex Hirsch

Grunkle Stan / Soos Ramirez / Old Man McGucket (voice)
Gnomes (voice)
Bill Cipher (voice)
Chadley (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)
Quentin Trembley (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)
Macaw (voice)
Beardy (voice)
Bill Cipher (voice) / Puppeteer (voice)
Bill Cipher (voice) / Gnomes (voice) / Young McGucket (voice)
Sev'ral Timez member (voice)
Duck-tective (voice)
Mayor Befufflefumpter (voice)
Sev'ral Timez member (voice) / Teen (voice)
Paper Jam Dipper (voice)
Bill Cipher (voice) / Gnomes (voice)
Saunterblugget Hampterfuppinshire (voice)

Jason Ritter

Dipper Pines (voice)
Charlie (voice)
Tyrone (voice) / Dipper Clones (voice)

Kristen Schaal

Mabel Pines (voice)

Linda Cardellini

Wendy Corduroy (voice)

Matt Chapman

Additional Voices (voice)
Abuelita (voice)
Keyhole / Paci-Fire
Video Game Announcer (voice)
Sev'ral Timez member (voice)
French Lilliputtian (voice)
Crampelter (voice)
Sprott (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)
Abuelita (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)
Mermando (voice) / Sev'ral Times member (voice) / Chef (voice)
Puppeteer (voice)
Hot Elf (voice)
Marius von Fundshauser (voice)
Hand Witch (voice) / Hiker (voice) / Cyclops (voice)
Mermando (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)

Kevin Michael Richardson

Sheriff Blubs (voice)
Sheriff Blubs (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)
Additional Voices (voice)
Lil Bigg Dawgg (voice) / Tats (voice)
Sheriff Blubs (voice) / Ghost-Eyes (voice)
Big Henry (voice)
Possessed Mabel (voice)
Sheriff Blubs (voice) / Ghost-Eyes (voice) / Prisoner (voice)
Young Blubs (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)
Sheriff Blubs (voice) / Leaderaur (voice) / Chutzpar (voice)
Rich (voice)

Niki Yang

Candy Chiu (voice)
Candy Chiu (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)

T.J. Miller

Robbie Valentino (voice)
Robbie Valentino (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)

Kari Wahlgren

Priscilla Northwest (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)
Additional Voices (voice)
Shandra Jimenez (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)
Woman (voice) / Game Store Employee (voice)
Ma Pines (voice) / Tyler's Mom (voice) / Receptionist (voice)
Cinnamon (voice) / Girl (voice)
Soos' Cousins (voice)
Priscilla Northwest (voice) / Polly (voice)
Meredith (voice) / Fan (voice) / Charlie's Mother (voice)
Shandra Jimenez (voice) / Cashier (voice)
Mabel's Toy Unicorn (voice)

Grey DeLisle

Additional Voices (voice)
Female Voice Stan (voice)
Mrs. Gleeful (voice)
Lost Woman (voice)
Carla McCorkle (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)
Rosanna (voice) / Hank's son (voice)
Gorney (voice) / Store Employee (voice)
Shopkeeper (voice) / Scout Lady (voice)

Michael Rianda

Lee (voice) / Thompson (voice)
Lee (voice)
Lee (voice) / Thompson (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)
Mr. Poolcheck (voice) / Additional Voices ( voice)
Additional Voices (voice)

J.K. Simmons

Stanford Pines (voice)

John DiMaggio

Manly Dan (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)
Cowboy Skeleton (voice)
Love God (voice)
Dad on Pier (voice)
Vegas Rapper (voice)
Manly Dan (voice) / Pinball Cowboy Skeleton (voice)
Harry Claymore (voice)

Keith Ferguson

Deputy Durland (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)
Deputy Durland (voice) / Testosteraur (voice) / Glurk (voice)
Teen (voice)
Additional Voices (voice)

Justin Roiland

Blendin Blandin (voice)
Additional Voices (voice)
Bobby Renzobbi (voice)
Bobby Renzobbi (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)

Fred Tatasciore

Additional Voices (voice)
Hank (voice)
Pituitaur (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)
The Gremloblin (voice)
Ogre (voice) / Additional Voices (voice)

Jessica DiCicco

Tambry (voice)
Tambry (voice) / Mean Girl (voice)
.GIFfany (voice)

Stephen Root

Bud Gleeful (voice)

Nick Offerman

Agent Powers (voice)

Brad Abrell

Agent Trigger (voice)

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