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Saint Seiya



Episodes: 114

1. Revive! Legendary Hero

Legends tell of young men who wear armor known as Cloths and fight using energy known as Cosmos, in service of the goddess Athena. They are known as Saints. In Japan, two Saints fight in a colosseum for an audience, with the host, Saori Kido, waiting for the Pegasus Saint. In Athens, Greece, a Japanese young man known as Seiya fights his rival Cassios, cuts off his ear and defeats him with his Meteor of Pegasus to earn the Pegasus Bronze Cloth. Later that night, before Seiya can return home, Cassios' master Shaina tries to kill him for revenge. Seiya wears the Pegasus Cloth and actually injures Shaina, but for a moment, he is unable to master the Cloth and his Cosmos. Shaina's men arrive to finish Seiya off, but thanks to his teacher Marin's advice, he turns the table and defeats her men with his Meteor of Pegasus technique. He also is able to break Shaina's mask to reveal her face. The next day, Seiya heads back to Japan.


Toru Furuya

Seiya (voice)

Ryou Horikawa

Shun (voice)

Keiko Han

Saori (voice)

Hirotaka Suzuoki

Shiryû (voice)

Kôichi Hashimoto

Hyôga (voice)

Hideyuki Tanaka

Narrator (voice)

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