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Perry Mason


Perry Mason

Episodes: 30

1. The Case of the Laughing Lady

Carla Chaney is caught seemingly red-handed at the scene of the murder of her ex-boyfriend. Perry agrees to take the case pro bono after three other attorneys drop out. Carla's only hope is an unseen woman she claims was also present at the scene. According to Carla, this woman had a sinister laugh.

2. The Case of the Fatal Fortune

A fortune teller gives a series of accurate predictions regarding a woman's future. But something goes wrong when she's charged with murdering her new husband.

3. The Case of the Candy Queen

Things aren't going too good for the self-styled candy queen, Claire Armstrong, these days. Boyfriend Mark Chester steals her candy formula in order to pay back his gambling debts and Harry Arnold is blackmailing her. Then there's cousin Wanda. She'd like nothing better than to see Claire convicted when Arnold is murdered so that she can takeover the business.

4. The Case of the Cheating Chancellor

Perry returns to his college alma mater to receive an award but there's no rest for the weary when he's called upon to defend Van Fowler for the murder of a professor.

5. The Case of the Impetuous Imp

Perry rescues Diana Carter from the ocean in his boat and then must rescue her twice more in the courtroom. Once for jewel theft and once for murder.

6. The Case of the Carefree Coronary

The Safeline Insurance Company notices an increase in heart attacks among their policy holders. The company suspects fraud and hires Perry and Paul to investigate. When Paul goes undercover as a construction worker, he almost doesn't survive the assignment.

7. The Case of the Hasty Honeymooner

.An old Army buddy of restauranteur Terrence Clay, Lucas Tolliver, arrives in California from Oklahoma to meet the woman he was matched up with by a computer dating service. The woman, Miliicent Barton, is supposedly a rich widow. Lucas has money too having inherited it from his previous wife who died under mysterious circumstances. This doesn't prevent Millie from marrying Lucas but she dies at a party after drinking poisoned lemonade supposedly provided to her by Lucas. This one is a tough row to hoe for Perry.

8. The Case of the Twelfth Wildcat

Burt Payne is a no talent assclown who coaches and owns 10% of a professional football team. His rich wife, Ellen, owns the remainder. Knowing that he's washed up and needing some quick cash, Burt tries to sell his share of the team to a group of investors and even gets a down payment from them. Ellen, however, is opposed to the deal. Then, after she meets with one of the potential buyers aboard a train, Burt is apparently killed in an explosion.

9. The Case of the Wrathful Wraith

Louise Self must have broken a mirror. She has to stand trial for murdering her husband, Jamison, twice. Perry gets her off the hook the first time because the body was never found. Guess what? Jamison Self only faked his death and is still alive. When he ends up dead a second time it's deja vu all over again for poor Louise and Perry gears up for the second round.

10. The Case of the Runaway Racer

Test driver Pete Griston cracks up one of ace car builder Pappy Ryan's vehicles. Pappy accuses Havey Rettig of tampering with the car and files charges against Rettig and Griston. Then Rettig is killed and Griston is found standing groggily over the body.

11. The Case of the Silent Six

Police Sgt. Dave Wolfe warns Joe Oliver to stay away from his kid sister, Susan. Now Susan's been beaten up in her apartment, Oliver has been shot to death, and Dave is being charged with murder. Dave's story is that someone knocked him out and used his gun on Oliver. When Perry investigates the circumstances surrounding that night he discovers that six people in the building heard Susan's cries but did nothing to help her and that it was not Joe Oliver who beat her up. The wrong man was killed.

12. The Case of the Fugitive Fraulein

In this change of pace episode Perry and Della travel behind the Iron Curtain and get involved in a murder case which ends up being tried in an East German court.

13. The Case of the Baffling Bug

Tryon Laboratories hires the Drake Detective Agency to protect their latest formulas. In spite of Paul's best efforts, there is a leak in security and some top-secret information is stolen. One night, Leigh, an undercover agent working for Dr. Scranton, the head of the company, calls to say he knows the identity of the spy. Scranton and Paul rush to the laboratory only to find Leigh dead, floating in a vat of water.

14. The Case of the Golden Girls

Victor Montalvo, co-owner of the Golden Bear Club, gives a ride to a sweet young thing named Debbie Conrad who later attempts to blackmail him by threatening to claim he took advantage of her. Debbie is working the scam with her boyfriend, Rick Durbin, and Montalvo decides to pay them off. But before he can make the payment his partner in the club is murdered.

15. The Case of the Bogus Buccaneers

Aspiring actor Tony Polk lands a job on a popular TV program. Part of his job consists of dressing up in a buccaneer costume and delivering free gifts to viewers at their homes. Another actor and Tony trade lists and before too long he's up the creek. One of the women on the list is murdered with a buccaneer's hook, the one belonging to Tony, and a neighbor swears that Tony fought with the woman.

16. The Case of the Midnight Howler

Barney Austin is the king of late night talk radio in Los Angeles. One night during his on-air rants, Barney gets a note to call his boss, Kevin Steele. While talking to Steele on the air, the audience hears Steele begin arguing with someone and then two shots ring out.

17. The Case of the Vanishing Victim

Dr. Stacey Fielding takes off for Salt Lake City on business. When his plane crashes, Veronal poisioning is found in the body. Miriam Fielding is arrested since the last thing the good doctor drank was whiskey from a flash she had given him. Upon further investigation, Miriam is cleared when it's discovered that the man who really perished in the crash was Al Dolby, the plane mechanic. But where is Dr. Fielding and who did the poisoning?

18. The Case of the Golfer's Gambit

Chick Farley is a low rent, semi-talented golf pro at an exclusive country club. He now mooches off his wife's money and occasionally blackmails members of the country club in order to keep his position. One night, ole Chick discovers that someone has been stealing from the pro shop. He calls club member Hamilton Burger at his home to inform him of the theft. While on the phone, somebody takes a sand wedge and bashes in Chick's skull. Chick is no great loss to humanity but, as usual, the wrong man is charged with the crime.

19. The Case of the Sausalito Sunrise

An art dealer and his girlfriend are arrested for a two murders related to a series of hijacks. Paul goes undercover to ferret out the hijacking ring and Perry finds himself staring face down the barrel of a gun pointed by a killer even he never considered.

20. The Case of the Scarlet Scandal

Another fishing trip goes awry for Perry when he's drawn into the murder of a woman who was killed while delivering a blackmail payment.


Raymond Burr

Perry Mason

Barbara Hale

Della Street

William Hopper

Paul Drake

William Talman

Hamilton Burger

Ray Collins

Lieutenant Tragg

George E. Stone

Court Clerk

Dabbs Greer

Bill Cotton
Dave Kirby
Hal Kirkwood
Jack Tabor
Buzz Farrell
Larsen Halstead

Richard Anderson

Lt. Steve Drumm
Edward Lewis
Jason Foster

S. John Launer

Judge Ryder
Judge Thomas J. Hood
Judge Telford

Michael Fox

Dr. Hoxie
Autopsy Surgeon
Dr. Lund
Coroner's Physician
Dr. Samuel Anders
Abe Heyman

Willis Bouchey


Lee Miller

Police Sgt. Brice
Police Sgt. Brice (uncredited)
Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
Sgt. Brice
Deputy Sheriff

Grandon Rhodes

Judge Lennox
Judge No. 2
Judge Kippen
Divorce Judge

Jack Gargan

Court Clerk
Court Clerk (uncredited)

Jack Gordon

Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
Bookie (uncredited)

Jon Lormer

Autopsy Surgeon
Medical Examiner
Dr. Oberon

Wesley Lau

Lt. Anderson
Police Lt. Andy Anderson
Amory Fallon

H.M. Wynant

Deputy D.A. Sampson
Daniel Conway
Gene Torg
Tobin Wade
Glen Holman
Joseph (Slim) Marcus
Tony Mario

Nelson Leigh

Judge John Davis

Mort Mills

Police Sgt. Ben Landro
Barry Scott

Questions and answers

Where can I watch Perry Mason?
You can watch Perry Mason on Pluto TV.
Is Perry Mason available on Netflix?
Is Perry Mason on Netflix? No, this show is not available on Netflix in the US.
What is the plot of Perry Mason?
The cases of master criminal defense attorney Perry Mason and his staff who handled the most difficult of cases in the aid of the innocent.
How many episodes is Perry Mason?
There are 271 episodes and 9 seasons of Perry Mason.
Is Perry Mason series finished?
Yes, Perry Mason series is finished. 9. season was the last one.
Who is in the cast of Perry Mason?
Perry Mason cast is including:
Raymond Burr as Perry Mason (271 episodes), Barbara Hale as Della Street (271 episodes), William Hopper as Paul Drake (271 episodes), William Talman as Hamilton Burger (271 episodes), Ray Collins as Lieutenant Tragg (271 episodes), George E. Stone as Court Clerk (42 episodes), Dabbs Greer as Bill Cotton (30 episodes), Richard Anderson as Lt. Steve Drumm (30 episodes), S. John Launer as Judge (27 episodes), Michael Fox as Dr. Hoxie (12 episodes), Willis Bouchey as Judge (20 episodes), Lee Miller as Police Sgt. Brice (8 episodes)

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