Drawn Together


Drawn Together

Episodes: 14

1. Freaks & Greeks

Captain Hero attempts to pledge a new neighborhood Greek family, and Ling Ling's dad moves in.


Cree Summer

Foxxy Love (voice)
Xandir's Girlfriend (voice)
Super Nanny (voice)
Aurora (voice)
Letta Lame (voice)
Foxxy Dark / Foxxy Phat / Foxxy Yella / Lil Foxxy (voice)
Ni-Pul (voice)
Georgina Georgiopolis (voice)
Fran Drescher (voice)
Queen of Mexico (voice)
Strawberry Sweetcake (voice)

Jess Harnell

Captain Hero (voice)
Jun-Jee (voice)
Octopussoir (voice)
Terminator (voice)
Bizarro Captain Hero / Pac-Man (voice)
Mickey Mouse (voice)
Hulk (voice)

Tara Strong

Toot Braunstein / Princess Clara (voice)
Snow White / Ariel (voice)
Unusually Flexible Girl (voice)
Captain Hero's Mother (voice)
Child Services (voice)
Gwyneth Paltrow (voice)

James Arnold Taylor

Wooldoor Sockbat / The Jew Producer (voice)
Judge Fudge (voice)
Larry the Tomato (voice)
Xandir's Boyfriend (voice)

Abbey DiGregorio

Ling-Ling (voice)
Hoochie (voice)

Adam Carolla

Spanky Ham (voice)

Jack Plotnick

Xandir P. Whifflebottom (voice)

Chris Edgerly

Bucky Bucks (voice)
TV Announcer (voice)
The Board of Education / Doctor (voice)
Elmer Fudd / Snagglepuss (voice)
Old Man (voice)
Captain Colonicus (voice)
Bumper (voice)

Billy West

Mall Security Guard / Popeye / Stimpy (voice)
Denzel Washington (voice)

Phil LaMarr

Delivery Guy (voice)
Ray-Ray (voice)
Uncle Benny (voice)

Debi Mae West

Vajoana (voice)

Alex Borstein

AIDS Walk Coordinator / Lois Griffin (voice)
Jelly Donuts Leader (voice)

Roger Craig Smith

Indian Tribe Leader (voice)
Lord Slashstab (voice)

Jonathan Kimmel

The King (voice)

Jimmy Kimmel

Old Man (voice)
Mrs. Ham / Singer (voice)

David Cooley


Jason Huber

Gash / Scroto (voice)
Franken Berry / Sugar Bear (voice)

Matthew Silverstein

Mike Jerowski (voice)
Brian Dunkleman (voice)

Carlos Alazraqui

Prince Charming (voice)

Rebecca Romijn

Charlotte (voice)

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