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Get Smart


Get Smart

Episodes: 26

1. Pheasant Under Glass

On a mission for CONTROL to rescue Professor Milo Pheasant, Smart and 99 learn that he is imprisoned within an impregnable glass dome. KAOS has kidnapped Professor Pheasant and imprisoned him in a nuclear-glass cube. Max and 99 break into KAOS HQ to break him out, but they're unable to break the glass and forced to flee. As they're escaping, 99 reveals that she's pregnant, causing Max to get so excited that he reveals his identity as a secret agent to a reporter. This renders Max useless as an agent and eliminates CONTROL's plan to free the professor by having The Singing Agent, Rosa LaCosta, sing a special note that can shatter glass and have Max go undercover as her accompanist. To save his job, Max visits Dr. Proctor, who has discovered a way to spray paint a new face on people, and Max tries out several faces before picking one to help him infiltrate KAOS headquarters and rescue the professor.


Don Adams

Maxwell Smart

Barbara Feldon

Agent 99

Edward Platt


Robert Karvelas


Bernie Kopell


Victor French

Agent 44

Milton Selzer


Bryan O'Byrne

Ralph Manza

George Sawaya

Harry Basch

Len Lesser

Oscar Beregi Jr.

Gordon Jump

Leonard Strong

The Claw

Don Rickles

Sid Krimm

Stuart Nisbet

Byron Morrow

Sid Haig


Vito Scotti


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