Homicide: Life on the Street


Homicide: Life on the Street

Status: ended

Episodes: 22

1. La Famiglia

Bayliss returns to duty to discover the bosses have renovated the squad room in an attempt to make everyone forget the tragedy of last May. Gharty and Ballard have also returned and Ballard debates about whether she should ask Falsone to the Lodge party. New detective, Rene Sheppard, tells her just to go for it. Seizing the opportunity, Lewis goes for it and asks Sheppard to the party; it seems that he and Barbara have separated and are on their way to divorce. Meanwhile, Falsone speculates if he should ask Sheppard to the party. The first case Bayliss catches, now partnered with Munch, involves the dismembered body of Angelo Faltislo, a friend of Gee's cousin, Mario Giardello. Stivers and Falsone's case is similar: Leo Grimaldi, another friend of Mario, is also found dead. When Gee goes to question cousin Mario, he finds Mario's body in the same condition as that of his friends. Gee's estranged son, Mike Giardello, an FBI agent in Arizona, returns for the funeral. Mike asks Falsone (w


Richard Belzer

John Munch

Clark Johnson

Meldrick Lewis

Yaphet Kotto

Al Giardello

Kyle Secor

Tim Bayliss

Andre Braugher

Frank Pembleton

Melissa Leo

Kay Howard

Reed Diamond

Mike Kellerman

Jon Seda

Paul Falsone

Michelle Forbes

Julianna Cox

Callie Thorne

Laura Ballard

Clayton LeBouef

Max Perlich

J. H. Brodie

Ned Beatty

Stanley Bolander

Ralph Tabakin

M.E. Dr. Scheiner

Isabella Hofmann

Megan Russert

Peter Gerety

Stuart Gharty

Toni Lewis

Terri Stivers

Giancarlo Esposito

Michael Giardello

Michael Michele

Rene Sheppard

Kristin Rohde

Sally Rogers

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