Doc McStuffins


Doc McStuffins

Episodes: 14

1. The Pet Rescue Team

When Stuffy wants to join the First Responders after seeing them save the day, Doc suggests they start a rescue team to save pets while the First Responders are busy!


Kiara Muhammad

Doc McStuffins (voice)

Kimberly Brooks

Dr. Maisha McStuffins (voice)

Gary Anthony Williams

Marcus McStuffins (voice)

Loretta Devine

Nurse Hallie (voice)

Jess Harnell

Chilly (voice)

Robbie Rist

Stuffy Filbert McStuffins (voice)

Lara Jill Miller

Lambie (voice)

Jaden Betts

Donny McStuffins (voice)

Rio Mangini

Ian (voice)

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