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The Wonder Years


The Wonder Years

Episodes: 22

1. Homecoming

While Kevin tries to take his relationship with Winnie another step, Wayne's friend Wart returns from Vietnam a changed man. Kevin decides to steal the opposing team's mascot at the homecoming football game, but the childish prank is overshadowed by a realization of how Wart has been affected by the war.


Fred Savage

Kevin Arnold

Dan Lauria

John 'Jack' Arnold

Alley Mills

Norma Arnold

Olivia d'Abo

Karen Arnold

Jason Hervey

Wayne Arnold

Danica McKellar

Gwendolyn 'Winnie' Cooper

Josh Saviano

Paul Joshua Pfeiffer

Daniel Stern

Narrator (Adult Kevin)

Brandon Crane

Doug Porter

Michael Tricario

Randy Mitchell

Giovanni Ribisi

Jeff Billings

Robert Picardo

Coach Cutlip

Ben Stein

Mr. Cantwell

Andy Berman

Chuck Coleman

Jon Frear


Crystal McKellar

Becky Slater

Krista Murphy

Carla Healy

Sean Baca

Craig Hobson

Scott Nemes

Ricky Halsenbach

Raye Birk

Mr. Diperna

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