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Episodes: 18

1. LA X (1)

Two outcomes of the detonation of the hydrogen bomb are presented. Flight 815 lands safely at LAX, where Kate escapes from the marshal and Jack learns that his father's body was lost in transit.


Naveen Andrews

Sayid Jarrah

Matthew Fox

Jack Shephard

Jorge Garcia

Hurley Reyes

Josh Holloway

James Sawyer

Daniel Dae Kim

Jin-Soo Kwon

Yunjin Kim

Sun-Hwa Kwon

Evangeline Lilly

Kate Austen

Terry O'Quinn

John Locke

Emilie de Ravin

Claire Littleton

Michael Emerson

Benjamin Linus
Henry Gale

Henry Ian Cusick

Desmond Hume

Dominic Monaghan

Charlie Pace

Elizabeth Mitchell

Juliet Burke

Harold Perrineau

Michael Dawson

Malcolm David Kelley

Walt Dawson

Ken Leung

Miles Straume

Maggie Grace

Shannon Rutherford

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Eko Tunde

Nestor Carbonell

Richard Alpert

Jeff Fahey

Frank Lapidus

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