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Episodes: 39

1. Welcome to Monterey

The second season of Zorro opens with Don Diego and Bernardo visiting Monterey, California. They have been sent there by a group of Los Angeles investors to look over an import business. The visitors have barely arrived in town when two men burst into their room and demand the investors' money.


Guy Williams

Don Diego de la Vega / Zorro

Gene Sheldon


Henry Calvin

Demetrio López García

George J. Lewis

Don Alejandro de la Vega

Don Diamond

Corporal Reyes
Lancer Hivarro (uncredited)

Vinton Hayworth

Britt Lomond

Capitán Monastario
Captain Monastario

John Litel

Romney Brent

Padre Felipe

Charles Korvin

Jan Arvan

Nacho Torres
Ignacio Torres

Eduard Franz

Al Haskell

Lancer (uncredited)
Townsman (uncredited)

Phil Schumacher

Lancer (uncredited)
Guard (uncredited)

Jack Lilley

Lancer (uncredited)

Michael Pate

BarBara Luna

Richard Anderson

Patricia Medina

Myrna Fahey

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