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BoJack Horseman


BoJack Horseman

Episodes: 16

1. A Horse Walks into a Rehab

BoJack checks into Pastiches, a Malibu rehab facility, where he grapples with memories of Sarah Lynn's death and his own troubled childhood.


Will Arnett

BoJack Horseman / Butterscotch Horseman (voice)
BoJack Horseman / BoBo the Angsty Zebra (voice)

Aaron Paul

Todd Chavez / AA Bird / Donkey Kid / Skippy (voice)
Todd Chavez / Emperor Fingerface (voice)

Amy Sedaris

Princess Carolyn / Sharona (voice)
Princess Carolyn / Tangled Fog of Pulsating Yearning / Priscilla Crustacean (voice)

Alison Brie

Diane Nguyen / Vincent Adultman / Kevin / Samantha The Food Critic / Olivia / Joelle Clark / Otter / Cow Waitress / Sarah Lynn's Assistant / Ship Co-Captain / Golden Snowflake Announcer / Nurse / Waitress / Cow Waitress / Announcer (voice)
Diane Nguyen / Diana the Princess of Wales (voice)

Paul F. Tompkins

Mr. Peanutbutter / Marv / Virgil Van Cleef / Prescott / Andrew Garfield / Sandro / Dog Valet / Underwater Man / Concerned Man / Janitor / Bartholomew Scagsworth / Sloth Lawyer / Blimp Co-Pilot / Abortion Doctor / George Tickle / Giant Chocolate Oscar Guy / Actor #2 / Bird / Willie Wesleyan (voice)
Mr. Peanutbutter / Mr. Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (voice)

Adam Conover

A Ryan Seacrest Type / Paparazzi Blue Jay (voice)
Paparazzi Blue Jay (voice)
Bradley Hitler-Smith (voice)
Ethan / Guy Who Thinks Ghostwriters Write For Ghosts (voice)
Ethan (voice)
Tour Guide / Paparazzi Blue Jay (voice)
Bradley Hitler-Smith / Mr. Peanutbutter's Nephews (voice)
A Ryan Seacrest Type / Ethan (voice)
A Ryan Seacrest Type / Reginald Rangoon III (voice)
Ethan / A Ryan Seacrest Type / Paparazzi Blue Jay (voice)

Keith Olbermann

Tom Jumbo-Grumbo (voice)

Patton Oswalt

Pinky Penguin (voice)
Neal McBeal (voice)
Pinky Penguin / Crab Guy (voice)
Pinky Penguin / Comedian (voice)
Pig Doctor (voice)
Pinky Penguin / Laughing Crew Member (voice)
David / Pig Doctor (voice)
Charlie Rose / Pinky Penguin / Doctor (voice)
Dr. Pepin (Walnut Springs) (voice)
Pinky Penguin / Gary / Maggot Funeral Director (voice)

Diedrich Bader

Judah Mannowdog (voice)

Kristen Schaal

Sarah Lynn (voice)
Sabrina (voice)
Sarah Lynn / Sabrina (voice)
Sarah Lynn / Harper / Tori Spelling Fan (voice)

J.K. Simmons

Lenny Turtletaub (voice)

Raphael Bob-Waksberg

Charley Witherspoon (voice)
Disneyland DJ (voice)
Dog #1 (voice)
Simon (voice)

Wendie Malick

Beatrice Horseman (voice)
Young Beatrice (voice)

Stanley Tucci

Herb Kazzaz (voice)

Angela Bassett

Ana Spanakopita (voice)

Rami Malek

Flip McVicker (voice)
Flip McVicker / Jose Guerrero (voice)

Ben Schwartz

Rutabaga Rabitowitz (voice)
Rutabaga Rabitowitz / Tawnie's Boyfriend (voice)

Dave Segal

Paparazzi Robin (voice)

Stephanie Beatriz

Gina Cazador (voice)
Gina Cazador / Nancy The Lizard / Female Executive (voice)
Gina Cazador / Gino (voice)

Lake Bell

Katrina Peanutbutter (voice)
Katrina Peanutbutter / Cargo Ship Captain / Chloe (voice)

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