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The Expanse


The Expanse

Episodes: 6

1. Strange Dogs

The Rocinante crew make a startling discovery on an asteroid. Avasarala and Bobbie contend with the devastation on Earth. Drummer and her family must make a heartbreaking decision. On Ceres, Marco and Filip's struggles turn inward.


Steven Strait

Jim Holden

Dominique Tipper

Naomi Nagata

Wes Chatham

Amos Burton

Shohreh Aghdashloo

Chrisjen Avasarala

Cas Anvar

Alex Kamal

Frankie Adams

Roberta 'Bobbie' W. Draper

Cara Gee

Camina Drummer

Shawn Doyle

Sadavir Errinwright

Thomas Jane

Detective Josephus Miller
Joe Miller
The Investigator

Florence Faivre

Julie Mao

Nadine Nicole

Clarissa Mao
Melba Koh

Anna Hopkins

Monica Stuart

Keon Alexander

Marco Inaros
Marco Inaros (archive sound)

Chad L. Coleman

Frederick Lucius Johnson
Fred Johnson

Jasai Chase-Owens

Filip Inaros

Andrew Rotilio


Nick E. Tarabay


François Chau

Jules-Pierre Mao

David Strathairn

Commander Klaes Ashford
Klaes Ashford

Terry Chen

Dr. Praxidike 'Prax' Meng

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