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Lethal Weapon


Lethal Weapon

Episodes: 15

1. In the Same Boat

Former international CIA operative, Wesley Cole returns home and assumes duty as a police officer with the LAPD. Cole will find himself navigating a new partnership with Murtaugh, as he adjusts to life in Los Angeles. Avery continues his campaign for city council.


Damon Wayans

Roger Murtaugh

Keesha Sharp

Trish Murtaugh

Kevin Rahm

Brooks Avery

Dante Brown

Roger Murtaugh, Jr.

Chandler Kinney

Riana Murtaugh

Johnathan Fernandez


Michelle Mitchenor

Sonya Bailey

Jordana Brewster

Maureen Cahill

Clayne Crawford

Martin Riggs

Seann William Scott

Wesley Cole

Andrew Creer

Zach Bowman

Rex Linn

Nathan Riggs

Kristen Gutoskie

Molly Hendricks

Floriana Lima

Miranda Riggs

Richard Cabral

Alejandro Cruz

Chase Mangum

Young Martin Riggs
Young Riggs
Young Nathan Riggs

Tony Plana

Ronnie Delgado

Thomas Lennon

Leo Getz

Paola Lázaro

Louisa Gutierrez

Andrew Patrick Ralston

Jim McNeile

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