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Star Trek: The Next Generation


Star Trek: The Next Generation

Episodes: 26

1. Descent (2)

Stardate: 47025.4. Data abducts Picard, Troi and Geordi and holds them prisoners of the Borg, while he derives pleasure from being evil. Dr. Crusher is left in command of the Enterprise as it comes under attack from a Borg vessel.


Patrick Stewart

Jean-Luc Picard

Jonathan Frakes

William T. Riker

Brent Spiner


Michael Dorn


Marina Sirtis

Deanna Troi

LeVar Burton

Geordi La Forge

Gates McFadden

Beverly Crusher

Wil Wheaton

Wesley Crusher

Colm Meaney

Chief O'Brien
Chief Miles O'Brien
Transporter Chief
Battle Bridge Conn

Denise Crosby

Tasha Yar
Lieutenant Tasha Yar

Diana Muldaur

Katherine Pulaski

Majel Barrett

Enterprise Computer (voice)
Lwaxana Troi / Enterprise Computer (Voice)

Patti Yasutake

Nurse Alyssa Ogawa
Alyssa Ogawa

Joyce Agu

Ensign Gates

Michelle Forbes

Ensign Ro Laren

Brian Bonsall

Alexander Rozhenko

Cameron Oppenheimer

Ensign Kellogg

Dwight Schultz

Lt. Barclay

April Grace

Transporter Technician Hubbell

Andreas Katsulas

Commander Tomalak

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