Anne with an E


Anne with an E

Costume drama
Status: ended

Episodes: 10

1. A Secret Which I Desired to Divine

Anne's 16th birthday inspires her to learn more about her genealogy. Meanwhile, the school kids prepare for the Queen's entrance exams, leaving Diana isolated.


Amybeth McNulty

Anne Shirley

Geraldine James

Marilla Cuthbert

R. H. Thomson

Matthew Cuthbert

Corrine Koslo

Rachel Lynde

Dalila Bela

Diana Barry

Lucas Jade Zumann

Gilbert Blythe

Aymeric Jett Montaz

Jerry Baynard

Dalmar Abuzeid

Sebastian Lacroix

Kyle Meagher

Billy's Pal #1 / Paul #1

Cory Gruter-Andrew

Cole Mackenzie

Helen Johns

Mrs. Eliza Barry
Mrs. Eliza Berry

Philip Williams

Thomas Lynde

Jonathan Holmes

Mr. William Berry
Mr. William Barry

Christian Martyn

Billy Andrews

Ryan Kiera Armstrong

Minnie May Barry

Ella Jonas Farlinger

Prissy Andrews

Lia Pappas-Kemps

Jane Andrews

Kyla Matthews

Ruby Gillis

Wayne Best

John Blythe

Brian Tree


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