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Hey Duggee


Hey Duggee

Episodes: 20

1. Norrie's First Day

Norrie and her friends reflect on their first meeting and how Norrie enjoyed the peace of the Clubhouse away from her 72 siblings.


Alexander Armstrong

Narrator (voice)

Sander Jones

Duggee (voice)
Rabbits (voice)
Power Puppy (voice) / Lady Dog (voice)
Enid (voice) / Mice (voice)

Jasmine Bartholomew

Betty (voice)

Alfie Sanderson

Tag (voice)

Leo Templer

Roly (voice)

Poppie Boyes

Norrie (voice)

Duke Davis

Happy (voice)

Grant Orchard

Frog (voice)
Worm (voice)
Mice (voice)
Robber Dog (voice)
Squirrel (voice)
Whooooo (voice)
Mole (voice) / Rabbits (voice)

Phillip Warner

Naughty Monkey (voice)
Chickens (voice)
Ducks (voice)
Crows (voice)

Ren Pesci

Mawk (voice)

Adam Longworth

Crab (voice)

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