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Desperate Housewives


Desperate Housewives

Episodes: 23

1. Secrets That I Never Want to Know

While Bree gives Chuck a ride, a smell becomes noticeable; Gabrielle seeks out a priest in order to help Carlos with his problem; Ben Faulkner, a new neighbor, meets Renee; Susan withdraws from her friends because of what happened to Alejandro.


Teri Hatcher

Susan Mayer

Felicity Huffman

Lynette Scavo

Marcia Cross

Bree Van de Kamp

Eva Longoria

Gabrielle Solis

Ricardo Chavira

Carlos Solis

James Denton

Mike Delfino

Brenda Strong

Mary Alice Young

Doug Savant

Tom Scavo

Andrea Bowen

Julie Mayer

Nicollette Sheridan

Edie Britt

Shawn Pyfrom

Andrew Van de Kamp

Kyle MacLachlan

Orson Hodge

Pat Crawford Brown

Ida Greenberg

Brent Kinsman

Preston Scavo

Shane Kinsman

Porter Scavo

Mark Moses

Paul Young

Zane Huett

Parker Scavo

Harriet Sansom Harris

Felicia Tilman

Dana Delany

Katherine Mayfair

Charlie Carver

Porter Scavo

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